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Thread: scared but relieved

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    scared but relieved

    We all know the risks associated with hobbying but this one was new to me. Simply put, I got strep penis. One morning after seeing an sp from a well known agency ( i will keep this info confidential) I awoke with what I can only describe as a big pimple on my dick. I knew it was related to the previous night's activities but I also was fairly sure it wasn't one of your normal std's. So I squeezed it like a pimple and thought that might be it. Not really but I had to try. Anyways when it returned, off to the hospital I went to get checked. The Dr., who is rather experienced, was a little mystified as he had never seen anything like this. Not a good sign I thought but he assured me it wasn't herpes etc and that with antibiotics,whatever it was would go away in a few days. He was right and when I finally got the diagnosis he asked me if my partner had a sore throat as I had strep dick. Just thought I should share the info as sometimes your worst fears don't actually come to fruition. Have fun and play safe.
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    And up until today i thought i had heard it all..?
    Ive honestly never heard of strep penis?..
    I wish you a speedy recovery, and if its contagious?.. And re-occuring like herpes?.. Dont forget to keep your dick in your pants.
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    Thanks for your good wishes Mr. Bond, I've been a fan of yours for a while. All is okay, back to normal and not to be experienced again until I get head again from someone with strep throat,lol. I made up the name "strep penis" as I thought this was the best way to describe my condition and the medical terminology wouldn't have meant much to most readers. Back in action this weekend!!

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