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Thread: Nominations for the Best GFE of 2010.

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    Nominations for the Best GFE of 2010.

    Hello all,

    This got some interest last year, so maybe some will be interested again?

    Please nominate only the ladies you have met in 2010 who are still active. You can nominate up to three ladies. A maximum of 3 nominations per member is allowed. If anyone gives more then only the first three names will be considered valid, unless you specify otherwise. Remember there are only 10 spots on these polls to fill in. Just name the agency SP (with her agency to avoid confusion with ladies of common names), or Independent, and she will be counted as a nomination. Any specific mention of an SP name is valid. The 10 most named get a place in the poll.

    In case of a tie for nomination spots the quality and number of reviews, seniority of the nominating members will be considered.

    Only pure hobbyists can nominate, including lesbian or bisexual women. No agency owners or SPs please.

    Since I am the thread starter I will not nominate anyone to avoid a conflict of interest. But I will vote.

    Nominations will be taken for 10 days only. Nominations are closed March 26 at midnight.

    An up to date list of nominees will bumped every night so you know where things stand.

    Last year`s winner: Jasmine - Independent at the time. Last known listed at Candy Shop.


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    Ok, I'm the first

    #1 Naomie from Satin Dream
    #2 Jasmine from Candy Shop
    #3 Sarah Bernard (indy)

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    Just from reading her reviews, if Sarah Bernard doesn't win she should get rookie of the year for sure.

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    I was not very active in 2010 in terms of "variety", but I certainly made up for it with quality "discoveries":

    1. Naomie of Satin Dreamz
    2. Elena of Devilish

    Not only are they my nominations, they both stand out as some of the very best dates I have had, lifetime. Thank you ladies.
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    In no particular order:

    1. Elena of Devilish
    2. Sarah Bernard, indy
    3. Chelsea Cherie, indy
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    Interesting selection so far. I`ve seen all the women mentioned on this thread on multiple occaisions and would place them all in my top 20.
    I would add to this list the astonishingly passionate and energetic Emanuelle from MGF.
    One may notice that most of these ladies are over 25, even over 30, none have what some call a 450 look and they all honestly love sex.
    I won`t make my choice till I`ve repeated with Naomie and Mayaa again.

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    I propose Amanda of Devilish and Anne-Sophie of Nadya's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot View Post
    Since I am the thread starter I will not nominate anyone to avoid a conflict of interest...
    Merlot, You should post ur nomination(s) for this, especially as the thread starter. I don`t think ur vote will influence the final outcome and it`s just an opinion afterall. I`m sure ppl value ur opinion on SP related matters.

    Elena @ Devilish gets my one n only vote.

    Her performance is consistent start to finish and she has the ability to read + adapt to any situation, mood, etc. So she gets my nod.

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    Nominations for best GFE of 2010

    Not big on variety either in 2010 (about 10-12 tryouts with SP) but my vote goes to Sarah Bernard. This lady sure knows how to give and receive and is an amazing lay. For sure my best GFE experiences ( I was a multiple offender).

    1) Sarah Bernard
    2) Annie (lady X) in Sherbrooke

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    In no particular order:

    Sarah Bernard Indy
    Neva Nadya
    Beverly xxxtase
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    Random Order..........

    Top 3 = ***

    1) *** Neva of Nadyas VIPS
    2) Tabatha of Angels Escorts
    3) ???????????????????
    4) ???????????????????
    5) ???????????????????
    6) ???????????????????
    7) Anne Estelle of Nadyas VIPS
    8) Sarah Bernard
    9) *** Malika Indy

    >>> EDITED BY MOD 11: Names removed. This thread isn't above NRP rules. Also guys, be careful what you write: GFE and massage parlors are not legally a good mix... <<<

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    I nominate ... Alluring Aliyah

    Well I certainly need to nominate a new talent who appeared on the Montreal scene this past year.

    What a babe!

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    Alright, I will throw my little penis in this .... penny I meant.

    1) Star, Indy (Ohh Star sweetie don't break my back next time please)
    2) Jezabelle, Satin Dreamz (love to please kind of GFE)
    3) Jasmine, Candyshop (simply among the best)

    Thanks for the leads on all the other names thrown here. This is way better than reviews.
    Me so horny .... .

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    My vote:

    1) Chloe from ChloeP
    2) Amanda from Dev.
    3) Jessica from CandyShop

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    My best encounters for 2010 who are still active are;

    Two fiery, sweet and sensual lady companions of
    Satin Dreamz ;
    Jezzabelle and Naomie
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