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    If you get answers, is there any reason to believe them?

    Some escorts don't even tell their agencies their real names. Do you think that they will show their papers to each client who requests them?

    Even if you were able to see that an SP's test results, how do you know that she wasn't infected since being tested, even possibly by her last client?

    Play as safe as you can or not at all if you are very worried about contracting an STD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belee dat View Post
    I would like to have the agencies and indy`s answer the following:

    1. Are your girls regularly tested?
    2. Does this include a throat culture?
    3. Do you require proof of a clean bill of health?

    That is all, no details, no specifics. Just good info for everyone to know and consider.
    Bottom line is $$
    even if a girl got tested regularly she could test negative but have been exposed and althought not developed antibodies could be contagous.

    IF girls were not gfe you would still have to worry about how faithfull their boyfriends were
    its just takes 1 exposure,lets say she got infected throat night before and saw 8 clients next day
    if they all had chances are some or all could get an infection.
    I had an aquaintance,he would rent 2 girls at a time and basically only get a show and 2 of them to blow him.i figured it out after he was about my age and as you age erections are not what they used to be so bjs are just easier if you dont take the blue pill.Anyways he payd $360 for a show with 2 girls they eat each other then both of them do a on him.He was crying on the phone like a schoolgirl to me shortly after.Doc gave him zithromax for 5 days then he pretended he was never infected.Ya doctors prescribe antibiotics all the time to healthy people,I should have realized he was not too bright when he told me one day he could tell when people were lying all the time.

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    This is not the first time this topic has come up on MERB. Unfortunately the same facts still apply. Tested or not, there is still a risk. As Seth so rightly replied "even if a girl got tested regularly she could test negative but have been exposed and although not developed antibodies could be contagious."

    Also, as was mentioned by a number of members the last time this topic came up, the test results become irrelevant as soon as the provider sees her first client after receiving a clean test.

    Everyone related to this hobby, providers as well as hobbyists and anyone they have sexual relations with outside of the hobby, should be tested on a regular basis. Everyone must take responsibility for their own health and safety. This hobby has risks and every person involved in it should be aware of that before they participate in it. There is nothing that any provider, agency or hobbyist can post in this thread that can change that fact.

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    our responsabality.
    While access to information is freely available I keep copies of all tests done at clinics and hospitals ,transfered from documents procured to a usb key for any doctor I require to review my file.I am clean and fortunate to never have contracted any mts.However I do realise when you play with fire you could get burnt.
    Typically any hospital you have frequented you call for an apointment with their archives department to access and get a copy of your file. Typically its free to a point which is x numebr of documents then its a fee of x amount of cents per copy,differs from each instution.Usefull infomation since doctors come and go and we seem to stay and scurry to find another competant physician.

    In montreal ther is a number of clincs you can pay and get tests done. knowing what to ask for see any doctor at a clinic and request for yourself the barage of tests to be done.
    hep a b c
    gon-done by urine test now
    clam-done by urine test now
    2x a year is not an unrealistic schedule for active people.
    Inform yourselves to symptoms and what to look for.
    Unfortunatley males many times can be asymptimatic-no symptoms or nothing to raise suspicion.
    Again keeping a diary of all sexual activity and partners is a responsable thing to do in case of problems.
    play safe.

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    Hello Belee dat,

    No matter how current a provider's tests are, she may contract a STD from the first client she sees after receiving a clean bill of health and pass it on to other clients she sees later that night. A clean test means nothing as soon as an SP has had sexual contact with her first client. If that client happens to be infected with an STD and passes it on, imagine how many people could be infected as the SP is convinced she is STD free right up until she becomes symptomatic. If she never shows any symptoms, entirely possible with some STDs, an infected individual may continue infecting others right up to the point they go for another test and get the bad news. A clean test may actually cause more damage than simply being careful, as all members of this hobby should always be.

    If the above scenario I presented terrifies you, you do not belong in this hobby. There are risks. Everyone should be aware of that and if you partake, you must accept the risks of doing so. No amount of testing can eliminate all the risk factors. If you want risk free sex, find a girlfriend or get married and both of you remain celibate for the first 6 months of the relationship and get tested every two months. After three series of testing, you can be reasonably sure you are both STD free. Then you can fuck like bunnies until one of you gets bored and bangs someone else. Then you can start all over again.

    Does anyone have anything else to add before I close this thread?

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    Being in this hobby involves certain risks, depending on what you want to get, but one could say the risks are somewhat similar with any girl you meet for the first time. So I guess it all comes down to accepting them and accept that you have part of the responsibility if you end up catching something.

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    Can anyone recommend any discreet STD testing clinics in downtown Montreal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro Boner
    Can anyone recommend any discreet STD testing clinics in downtown Montreal?

    Clinique médicale l'Actuel
    1001, boul. de Maisonneuve Est
    Bureau 1130
    Montréal (Québec) H2L 4P9

    Station Berri-UQAM - Sortie Place Dupuis

    Téléphone: (514) 524-1001

    They specialize in std
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    Clinique Médicale de l'Alternative

    spécialisent leur pratique dans le domaine

    du dépistage des ITS infections transmissibles sexuellement

    2034 St Hubert, Montréal, QC H2L 3Z5


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    Well even if girls do get checked they can still catch something right after!

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