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Thread: How to use a motel for outcall?

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    How to use a motel for outcall?

    I'm a newbie to the hobby, and after a couple round at hilltop I've decided I can best spend my money in a more direct fashion.

    I don't have my own place in town, and wouldn't take a girl there if I did - but I'm also not inclined to rent a room for the whole night - especially if she's late by some unreasonable period of time.

    So how does it work? I understand places like the chablis rent by the hour - but how do you approach them? Can one hang around the lobby until she shows up?

    What exactly do you all do???

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    It probably is never worth it to rent the motel for just one hour as the Chablis has the room fo rental for 4hr @ $38CAD.

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    Anik>> you said it girl LMAO
    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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