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Thread: RICKY LEAKS: indy pics? Real, fake, or representative?

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    Post RICKY LEAKS: indy pics? Real, fake, or representative?

    This isnt to stir up controversy like ricki lake, or in any way mirror another thread of a similar name in a far off land.
    The mission is simple:
    Having seen too many new indys with photos that are too good to be true.. I need to know if they are real or bull,or if they are truely representative and similar to the girl.. But fake due to privacy issues...

    i will be testing them out one by one and along with their individual reviews i will compile a list of the photo truths right here.
    if the girl looks nothing like the pic.. And i dont try her out, i will still add her to the list.
    If she is too good to be true.. And i decide not to review her..? Well, i'll still mention the truth about her photos right here.
    to respect the boards policy on links.. I will only link the ads that i have reviewed.
    'this compilation is in no way meant to promote or downplay any provider, its simply to help us find out if the pictures are real or not'
    If the mods deem this apologies in advance, delete it.. Or point me in the right direction to make sure i am in accordance with the boards rules.

    Feel free to add your 2 cents.. And submit any name to my little list..
    These are my *first targets that im attempting to book starting now ( of course my schedule is always a bit hectic so patience is a must )

    Name. * * * * * * *Photo verdict. * *

    Erica. * * * * * * * *?
    Tiffany. * * * * * * ?
    Amanda. * * * * * * ?
    Patricia. * * * * * * ?
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    I think this is a great initiative ! Thanks in advance for the info.

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