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Thread: Mac Defender virus: Apple refusing to aknowledging it

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    Mac Defender virus: Apple refusing to aknowledging it

    Over the past week, people have been complaining of their Macs getting infected with the Mac Defender malware. A confidential memo by Apple to its support reps has been leaked where the company doesn`t want its reps to aknowledge the existence of the virus.

    Apple tells its support reps not to help with Mac malware

    And here is the confidential internal memo (via Terb post):

    Leaked confidential internal memo

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    One of the arguments for getting a Mac was that people were tired of their PC getting viruses and what not making their PC run slow. "Oh Mac is so much better, I never get the virus problems I got with a PC" they would say. Since the great majority of computer users were PC these hacker low lifes focus their attention in violating PC users. Well now that Mac users are getting more plentiful these hacker low lifes are starting to put their attention on Mac users.

    What I say is that no system is safe from hackers! Where there's a will there definately is a way! There are extremely smart people that create these operating systems and keep them secure, and there are extremely smart people that know how to break down operating systems and violate them when people think they're secure.

    Don't believe all the marketing that Mac is better than PC.

    Forever PC.


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    Isn't there a ban on MAC/PC discussions? Mmmm... Yep!

    I already see a trend and that's within 3 posts!

    Thread closed.

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