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Thread: Major Agencies running on time!

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    Major Agencies running on time!

    This may sound like a cheesy flattering thread, but I thought it was worth mentionning... As I am about to leave my hotel, I was thinking...

    When I started hobbying, most--not all-- agencies I would use then would promise you the girl for "10h30" and she would arrive nowhere near that time. Very few agencies had reliable on time delivery. You grew accustomed to the legendary miinimum 30 min delay-- any delivery within 30 min of the promised time was considered "on time"... Some agences were notorious for stretching it to 45, 60 minutes at times. But hell, the guys were horny, so very few complained...

    Things have changed. So far this year, the majority of rendez-vous I have had have been on time or within 5-10 minutes. And this is from popular agencies with popular girls who probably have a full schedule!! I am not sure what happened. But I certainly appreciate it and I think the results of the polls for agency of the years show this too-- the top agencies all deliver on time.

    Keep up the good work!

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    My last 3 appointments in Montreal:

    3 minutes late
    30 minutes late
    3 minutes early

    It averages out to 10 minutes late. I can live with it. I can remember another hobbyist telling me he had a 20 minute rule: he automatically refused any escort who arrived 20 or more minutes late, just on principle.

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    I hate when girls are overly late, 30 mins and more. When you have plans afterwards it just ruins your plans for the night.

    In my early days in the hobby I use too rent a room at the motel for my outcalls with a 4 hr siesta rate. So the girl being on time was very important and I found and stuck with the agency that delievered the girl on time almost all the time +15 minutes at most.

    Nowadays I receive at home and usually book the first appointment with the girl and 80% of the time they are on time +15 minutes at most. The other 20% was the driver waiting for the girl to get ready at home, the driver missed my exit, traffic getting to my place.
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    Maybe it's just Darwinism at work. The general guideline I use is, if they are consistently late, I don't call them anymore.Hopefully, the booker would put a little more thought into telling me a time.

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    It the last 3-4 years, it only happenned once or twice where I've got a 20-30 lateness.

    Last year, I had to cancel a date after a 40 minutes wait, since the driver had an accident and police where apparently close by and intervene.

    Other then that, 5-10 minutes were uncommon.

    Although, here's a good story which I didn't regret:

    One of my worst case scenario was an outcall to a motel after we've set a time to meet. When I've got the room, I've called her but she told she was caught in the Tour de l'île. All traffic from downtown area was re-routed here and there.

    She finally arrived about 75 minutes later, it was worth the wait since what was to be a 1-hour event turned up to be a 1 1/2 one.
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    i see this all the time..
    You are all right on the part where being late 5-20 minutes is fine since it's the norm but yes i also had a time when i refused one when they were 45 minutes late.
    Yesterday was a special case when the girl actually came 15 minutes EARLY.. it was a surprise but a pleasant one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shlong View Post
    Yesterday was a special case when the girl actually came 15 minutes EARLY.. it was a surprise but a pleasant one.
    The agencies I book with are usually on time give or take 5-15 minutes. I for one insist that the girl doesn't show up in advance! I have my little routine where I prepare myself physically and mentally for the encounter and if the girl was to knock at the door early there would be a chance of me being in the shower or taken up by surprise which I absolutely hate!

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    I'm not a fan of too early either! When i lived in Mtl, if the driver got there early (rare back then...) some would just double park in front of my place for 10 min... a little too obvious to my tastes, especially because my neighbours were quite nosy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergejean View Post
    if the girl was to knock at the door early there would be a chance of me being in the shower or taken up by surprise
    Yep totally agree!
    Happened to me a few times...
    And obviously clock is then 'ticking' .... So next time, I will probably ask the girl to wait if I'm not ready...

    Only one girl proposed to wait in the car till I was ready, cool! She was then already potentially a favorite

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    Honestly prefer too early over too late.
    The reason is straight fwd, the engine is already running from the time I call in til the SP's arrival.

    * Earliest arrival for me has been 30mins.
    * Latest arrival (no counting 1 no-show), 1h 45m.

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    ...btw, my POV re agenies being relatively on time is that since a bunch of new agencies have popped up recently, popular SP's from the top5 agencies r not getting booked up as solid (read: overbooked, double booked, etc.) as they could be so drivers can deliver on-time or close to it.

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    Yes, what you are stating is one of the things I was thinking about without going into it, Evilthings. There seems to be more good solid agencies out there right now than a few years ago. More competition.
    Also there are more solid agencies offering daytime/ afternoon appointments. The spread out of girs through the day makes it easier to set up a meeting if you want at 3PM or something like that. More hours of availability through the day.
    I was wondering if agencies were using more divers too? One lady I met recently was telling me that her agency (which is a conglomerate of 3-4 agencies actually...) had so many drivers she did not know all of them-- and she's been with them for more than 6 months, working regularly. This surprised me as the same agency a few years ago seemed to have always the same few drivers from what I could gather. I thought that could be another reason for the improved service.

    Earliest arrival for me was 15 min I think. Agency called and asked if it was OK though.
    LAtest arrival was 1h20 min. There was one that took longer but I called to cancel, telling them I just did not have enough time left.

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