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Thread: Well reviewed Toronto SP looking to visit Montreal

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    Well reviewed Toronto SP looking to visit Montreal

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Dawn and I am presently working as an escort in Toronto. I am however looking to do some travelling around Canada starting with Montreal, so I was wondering what the good agencies are in Montreal and if any agency representatives are reading this please feel free to contact me regarding any visiting opportunities you might have.

    Thank you in advance!

    x0x0x0 Dawn

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    Thank you Summers and a big THANK YOU to the numerous PM's I received. I will make every effort to reply to every last one of them.

    Ciao! x0x0
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    Kansas Frank

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    Hello Dawn:

    Best of luck to you in Montreal. TO must be getting way too crowded; I started my hobby life in TO. Since there is so many sex workers in TO, it's very difficult to find true gems there. Of the nearly dozens I tried, there was only one that was good and I was fortunate to see her twice. In Montreal, it's much easier to find true gems, IMHO!

    If you love traveling, I'd say you may want to consider My Secret Club, whose ladies tour the States -- thank goodness they do.

    There are so many good agencies in Montreal, I don't think you'll have problems associating with one of them.

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    Sound like the required info was provided in PM. However, this thread can also be considered as publicity for this lady. Because of this, now that the thread has served it's purpose to give her the info she needed, I am closing it. Those who have more info can do it in PM still.

    REMINDER: This lady isn't an advertiser for now so, booking meetings using the Private Message system isn't allowed.


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