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Thread: Whats The Best Massage Parlor In the City

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    Whats The Best Massage Parlor In the City

    I havent seen a thread for this on MERB, and with the exception of the members only le 2214, I wanted to know which massage parlor is the best in the city.

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    Right, okay then. Where did you have the best experience? (is this better for you 10-4)

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    I agree with 10-4. And the personal rotation everywhere is so high that a 3-month-old experience in a parlour is already out dated.

    But OK. I’ll go for one: Jadè[email protected] Secret (if still in business), a combination of a superb parlour and a massage magician. But then, you’ll want a description of her. So it comes down to the real question: what type of service, girl and place are you looking for?

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    I don`t have a whole lot of experiences with MPs, but in my limited exposure Dani is far and away the best. Here`s a review I wrote not long ago:
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    I agree that the choice of the best massage parlour in the city is a subjective question. However, I believe that after a certain number of opinions you would start to see certain trends emerge, approaching a general consensus . For example, the OP is already aware that The 2214 is the best massage parlour in the city. A possible alternative to the 2214, if you are not a member of The 2214, is Le Notre Dame. If you are looking for a no-options place. I believe the best choice is Maison Massage. Possible alternatives to Maison Massage are Salon Malezia or Mabella.

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    Appreciate the replies fellas, thanks. If Le Notre Dame is an alternative to Le 2214 then I'll have to give that place a try.

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