View Poll Results: Should insults and name-calling be allowed on MERB?

31. You may not vote on this poll
  • Not at all (see text)

    24 77.42%
  • Merb should not intervene (see text)

    4 12.90%
  • Tolerated if no MERB members targeted.

    3 9.68%
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Thread: Insults and name-calling - PART 2, just a public poll, no comments in this thread pls

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    Insults and name-calling - PART 2, just a public poll, no comments in this thread pls

    Reading one of Merlot`s comment, in the main thread, it got me thinking... He`s right, "Why is the poll private? Can`t everyone stand up for their opinion on this."

    So, same questions, just for fun!

    Nobody have to vote but it would be fun to see those who can stand-up. Since we can`t see who voted on the private poll, it make no difference if your name shows in this one since we don`t know how you voted or if you even voted on the other one.

    Not voting doesn`t mean you can`t stand-up, it only mean you didn`t want to vote, nothing more.

    *** >>> Please post comments only in the original thread. Comments here might get deleted/moved.

    1. Not at all. It`s possible to make a point without that. Insults and name-calling are a sign of loosing control.
    2. MERB sould not intervene and leave members solve their problems, no matter if threads turn into flame wars.
    3. Should be tolerated as long as it`s ABSOLUTELY impossible for a MERB member to feel targeted (example of tolerated wording: John Doe from ThatCompany is an asshole.) General insults and name calling where a member could feel targeted should not be tolerated.
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