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Thread: "Performance enchancers"

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    "Performance enchancers"

    If im only going to be in montreal for one or two nights but want to maximize the amount of SP's i can..enjoy my time with but dont have access to prescription "supplements" such as viagra or cialis is there anything any of you gentlemen would recommend to reduce my "rebound" time? Embarassing question i know, but hey i need to know!

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    This has been discussed. A quick refresher for those who've seen it and news for those who didn't: MERB will not tolerate and suggestion of illegal drugs or suggestions on how to get any medicine illegally. Those who forget or ignore this details will get suspended.

    Thread also moved to health section.


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    In discussions with my family physician, Viagra, Cialis, etc have some side effects that could be harmful. I tried both Viagra and Cialis, and they both left me with a warm flush, a bright red color to my skin, and the sound of my heartbeat in my ears. I'll never use them again. The thing that has helped me more than anything else, is getting my testosterone level checked. Turns out it was low, I now inject testosterone on a regular schedule, and with proper levels of testosterone, I have no problems. I recently saw two ladies in one evening, about 5 hours apart and had a great time with both. I am in my mid fifties. If you are young and have no problems with erections, my suggestion is to pace yourself. Take a few extra days if possible. After sampling some of Montreal's finest ladies, get back as soon as you can to sample more.

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    My buddy is a health nut and turned me on to these all natural alternatives - Yohimbe, Tongkat Ali , and Tribulus. I've tried them and they have similiar results as Viagra. I would get a little nausia from the Yohimbe on an empty stomach, but other than that they worked great.

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    I use both (Viagra and Cialis) and a lot of side effects.
    But return to subject
    Viagra and Cialis are not illegal drugs (sorry Mod11) only regulated drugs.
    Just stop in a private clinic,wait 2-3 hours then you got your r/x and can buy them the legal way. (about 15$ each)

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    For a herbal one try Dura-zest. Take on an empty stomach. Works for about 48 hours.
    No side effects that I noticed. Rebound is quick
    Can be bought at most sex shops.

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    I've looked for Tongat Ali but can't find it locally. I am leery about buying it from web merchants. Does anyone know where it can be purchased in Montreal?

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    You can pick it up on Amazon.

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    ive tried many concoctions, and products until i found my perfect combination.
    durazest had no effect whatsoever..
    when taken with tribulus supplements, i had a slightly upgraded sex drive...but sex drive wasnt what i was looking for, so i stopped that combination.
    the typical viagras, and cialis, and levitra serves its purpose. but if you have no problems in that department...its just a waste of money.
    sure its fun getting rock hard 3 minutes after you've just came, but its long-term effects on the system haven't really been tested yet if im not mistaken.
    the final combination that i enjoyed is completely illegal, but i still tried it anyways..and i wouldnt suggest it to anyone.
    it was something i saw on sex'tv at 3 am one a short documentary about porn stars, and how they last for up to 2 hours..
    it turns out its just a mix of street level amphetamines, and standard viagra in large quantities..sure it works, but you look like a raver after, and you'll be up for 20 hours!! things however have changed, and most street level chemicals are comprised mainly of crystal their isnt much fun in that combination.
    plus, not many sp's enjoy being banged for 2 hours at a time..even if you do pay for a 4 hour date.!!(there are some..but generally they arent sober)

    i apologize if the mods deem this inappropriate, its just a bit of personal experience..
    i have however spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what ingredient it might be in those amphetamines that make it so hard to that was the goal of trying it...but i had no success..i also heard that the pharmaceutical companys are making a pill for that now, to delay orgasm....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky bonds View Post
    ive tried many concoctions, and products until i found my perfect combination.
    durazest had no effect whatsoever..
    I found that each person is different, for me viagra and cialis has the opposite effect, gives shrink dink no hard on at all. All I do is get flushed and sweat.
    Stripper once gave me " E " claiming we would have great sex... Fuck, shrunk so much... Nothing woke it up.
    If I plan to go out Saturday I take 1 durazest when I wake up Friday morning, no food for 2 hours, 1 on Saturday morning same routine. Good for Saturday night and Sunday.

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    Durazest is hit and miss. Health Canada pulled a batch about two years ago that was unbelievable- I was rock hard for three days. Apparently, it had chemicals deemed unsafe that were on a par with Cialis. I have tried Cialis and it was nothing like this shit was. I don't know what they had in there, but man it was kickass.
    The batch after the one that was pulled was pathetic. It had precisely ZERO effect. However, I had tried it several times before that kickass batch and sometimes it worked very well and others it was useless. Every batch is definitely not made equal. I think they play cat and mouse with Health Canada and some strong batches slip under the radar, because Health Canada random checks. It sucks when it is a 'miss', but it is great stuff when it is a 'hit.'

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    Thumbs up Better discuss it with your doctor.

    From what I read here the effects of those enhancers are different from people to people. I bought a pack of 4 Cialis about 1 year ago after a discussion with my doctor. I used 3 of them since. First, I never got adverse reaction. When I expected more intense sexual activity, vacation, I used it. Even if I don't really have problem in my day to day performance, I noticed, under Cialis, I wake up with a hard on as when I was young (I'm around 60 now). Also the recuperation time after ejaculation is shorter, and I mostly keep my hard on, even if I don't have direct stimulation, when I concentrate on stimulating my partner. On me the effect is there for 2-3 days (tested and verified...). This will vary at the rate your liver metabolise, destroy, the drug. My doctor also told me she prefers Cialis to Viagra as in general her clients have less side effects and more satisfaction. I was a little shy to ask her but she was very professionnal. So I would say discuss this matter with your doctor and he/she will check if you don't have a condition where those drugs would be bad for you before giving you a prescription.
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    Just found info on Arize. It uses the Tongkat Ali as a main ingredient. Anyone know where I can find it in Montreal?

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    This is an old trick that we use and it works for me may be you shoud try : 1/2 to 1 hour before your date prepare a tea ( ginger + honey+ water ) then you're ready to go for a ride, no side effect and good for health guys, it cost nothing though

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    Tribulus. It will do it for a while but eventually, once your body gets used to it, the effect stops.

    You could also try ZMA (zinc, magnesium and B6 - highly bio-available) but ZMA seems to be hit and miss however... getting enough of those three is very important for men in general.

    You can get them at any supplement/nutrition store ... like Naturiste or GNC.

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