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Thread: Trip Report - July 2011

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    Trip Report - July 2011

    I saw Muffinbuffer`s trip report here in the lounge a while back, so I figured I`d throw mine out here as well. While mine is nowhere near as inspired as Mr. Buffer`s (my sad total was only 3, compared to his 13), I enjoyed making it and writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. If I`ve put it in the wrong spot, or if trip reports aren`t something anyone does anymore, my apologies.

    Let me start by saying that Montreal is my new favorite city. It`s Disneyland for adults. Had I deeper pockets and more time to spend, I`d happily spend a month or three here and never leave my hotel room. My new plan is to find a way to get myself back up there as often as possible. My last trip, I only had five days to spend, and sadly, most of it was spent on business. That said, by simply forgoing the small matter of sleep, I was able to visit three of your lovely ladies and a couple strip clubs. So without further ado, here they are:

    Stephanie of Montreal Angels:

    Sasha of Candyshop Escorts/Chloe`s Playground:

    Kendra of Angel Escorts:
    (Still finishing this one off, and will try to have it posted by tomorrow)

    Also, if I have some extra time tomorrow, I`ll also finish up the nudie bar reviews.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome to your city.

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    Finer, u never completed ur homework assignment. found your post and wanted to say good work posting this... big or small i think these trip reports are great for the community + fun to read. the muffin man inspired a lot of ppl and i'm sure ur post has as well... now where the kendra report?! lol

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