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Thread: Which Drink Do You Like....

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    Question Which Drink Do You Like....

    Which drink do you like?

    I would like the opinion regarding your choice of alcoholic drinks gentlemen, ladies?

    I know that the choices are many and they differs between men and women

    For gentlemen who make a strong drink grow a beard lol

    Our dear ladies, who cares about calories and sometimes the effect

    I await your suggestions, opinions ....

    Cheers everyone!

    EvaCharms xoxo

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    I like corona, molson canadian, alexander keiths, and kokanee.

    what about you, eva?

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    Wine- Barefoot Sweet Red. It's from California and I have yet to see it in Canada.
    Beer- Kokanee. I don't think it's available in Quebec.
    Mix- Rum with Cranberry juice. Good for your kidneys!

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    Guinness and Molson Dry are pretty much my staples lately. Don't drink mixed drinks. On the occasion, some Tequila shots as well as Vodka straight.

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    I only drink white wine (Reisling) and mixed drinks, like malibu bay breeze, sex on the beach, cosmopolitan or any thing else that is considered a "girlie" type drink as I like sweeter drinks.

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    Whiskey: Bruichladdich, Johnny Walker (Black Label)

    I'm more into beer than wine. But, now and then, I like to drink a Château Margaux.

    Beers: Molson Ex, Rickard's Red, Norteña (from Uruguay), Bohemia, Bavaria, Skol

    I also like to drink sake and cynar.
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    Beer: Sterling, Stella Light, Blue Light, Bud Light......any other 'light' beer.

    Red wine: no preference, but usually the smaller bottles that don't require a corkscrew, found in all SAQ & LLBO outlets.

    Red Bull (sugar-free) with vodka: I'll only drink this when in the company of a 'lady' if this is the drink of her choice.

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    Red wine. I don't drink beer.
    But I very very rarely drink. Just not my thing. I like to have a clear head.

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    No beer with a girl.

    Bourgogne Red wine, chocolate, and a mix cocain/viagra on the table...

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    Red Wine, white wine, and Champagne !!! But not during the same night lol Not good for me !
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    I almost don’t drink anymore but it used to be my Hobby so I could write whole reviews on the subject. I’ve spent fortunes at l’Ile Noire and in various pubs. I think women are now better for my health and they don’t give me headaches.

    For beer, I like stouts: Guinness and Murphy’s. It’s just so expensive in Montreal. Much more affordable in the US (unlike escorts).
    But I mostly like pure spirits. I recomnmand:
    Scotches: single malts, especially Bowmore or Talisker
    Irish Whiskey: Redbreast (hur, hur, hur…)
    American Whiskey: Wild turkey
    Gins: Hendrick’s. From scotland, its awesome. Tastes a bit like Tanqueray, but much more complex flavor.

    I don’t know anything about wine but I like Chianti.
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    any kind of beer

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    Thank guys for the feeback!

    During the Summer Time at terasse: sangrila(red wine),Bloody Caeser,rosé wine cold is very refreshing

    At refined dinner with charming company, a glass of red wine or champagne white or rosé( low calories)my favorite mama mia i like when i'm lost in the bubulles lol

    If i want to have some fun and more energy for shake my bum bum redbull/vodka

    But for having a special moment for remember everything and just stay what you are just be yourself clean and pur ''AJEU''

    And i dont know how to say in english but in french ''La Modération a bien meilleur gout''

    Salute xoxo

    Can anyone suggest good red wine and champagne i dont know as well hihi
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaCharms View Post
    Can anyone suggest good red wine and champagne i dont know as weel hihi
    You usually can't go wrong with Italian and Chilean reds. As for Champagne, Dom Perignon is one of the high-end staples, but I have a weakness for Veuve Clicquot myself...

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    Here is beer Nirvana :

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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