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Thread: McDonald's tastes better in Quebec compared to Ontario?

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    McDonald's tastes better in Quebec compared to Ontario?

    Not sure if it's my imagination, but McD's tastes better in Montreal than back home... The fries weren't doused in salt and the Quarter Pounder's meat tasted way better. I doubt this junk food is any better for you (nutrition wise), but it tasted better. It definitely surprised me. I've read about the Quebec meat standards being more stringent than the rest of the country. Is this why it tasted better?

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    No same meat from western canada

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    I have never noticed any difference. Ate McDonald's food in both Toronto and Montreal. I cannot say either tastes better as I avoid eating McDonald's food as much as possible. I do not like their food. I will always choose other restaurants over McDonald's and only eat there if there is no other choice.
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    I try to stay away from it as well, maybe it was my imagination.

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    I heard that the French Fries at McDonald's in Quebec must speak French, where the Fries in Ontario, only if they want to.

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    Not sure i have ever ate Mickey D's in either place, but i can tell you that Diet Pepsi tastes different in Quebec than in both Ontario and the States. Just seems a little sweeter.

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    Everything is better in Montreal. The girls, the beer, the Ketchup, the Food, the SP, MP, SW.....The roads and weather are better elsewhere. Go Habs Go!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lapadict View Post
    The roads and weather are better elsewhere. Go Habs Go!!!
    HaHa! That is so true. I just remember when I drive on Highway 20 heading west towards Toronto and as soon as I cross the Quebec-Ontario border onto Highway 401... the roads completely change from the potholes, cracker roads... to smooth newly paved roads of Ontario. I never understood why this is the case. For many years there are so much construction going on in Quebec. Every night highways are blocked. I do not get it. Anyways... that is another story.
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    McDo taste bad everywhere but I think they win 1st price for bad tasting in NY state and second price in Western Ontario (London).
    Best McDo in my life was in Belgium (with beer and of course mayo on fries)

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    Different suppliers or manufacturing facilities will have slight variation on the same product. I find Coke taste different from Ontario to Quebec.

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    As many of you know, I'm originally from Montreal, but now live in Toronto.
    I can't honestly say I've noticed a difference at McDonald's, probably because it's so salty to begin with, but my wife swears that East Side Mario's is much better in Mtl than here.

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    These chain restaurants are heat and serve places that recieve their food from a factory. The lasangena comes in 50 serving trays. and the soup are frozen blocks that are warmed up for you. The food tatse different because they come from different facilities.

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    For the last twenty years or so McDonald tried to go glocal. It means that they tried - with more or less success - to adapt their products to local markets. The famous example was, in 1997, the McLaks in Norway and the McMutton in India.

    Here's a list of some weird products that we can find on some mC Donald menus around the world

    I went a couple of times to Mc Donald in Brazil (the one located in the Iguatemi Shopping Center; God forbid!) : I've spotted things that are really different such as the CBO chicken burger which is made of a bread bun covered with sesame seeds and bacon bits, chicken, two slices of bacon, onion, salad and a spicy sauce (it's different from the McChicken). In general the burgers there taste different and habitually it's because they use a diffrent type of cheese (catupiry?).
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    Mc Do makes the $3.00 Latte with a syrup that has the milk in the coffee syrup with hot water, talk about McLatte.

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    I wish the Canadian McDonalds served "Sweet Tea" like they do in the states!

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