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Thread: You and Me and my Flirt Box!

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    You and Me and my Flirt Box!

    Headline: You are in for a wild and sensual erotic encounter with the perfect imperfection!
    Vitals: Female, 37, Montreal, QC
    More information:

    About Me:
    I am a female member of the species Homo Sapiens Imperfectus. Okay, maybe I possess a few more imperfections then I would like - but maybe
    some of them are just the imperfections that you might find bewitchingly irresistible I am a playful, modest and optimistic woman with a
    tigress's smile, contagious laugh and a great sense of homour; a sensual woman who likes to go with the flow and enjoy life to its fullest.

    I lead a well balanced lifestyle that includes my friends, family, male and female companions, erotic writings, personal projects and travels.
    Exploring new adventures, adventures of all sorts, is often the best part of my day. I am also a great singer - when I am in my car or in
    the shower and only when I am alone! Maybe some (im?)perfections must remain mysteriously hidden.

    Just because I prefer the plushness of a five-star hotel and the flavors of fine dining, one must not assume that I would not just as well camp out
    in the wilderness and enjoy burning my marshmallows by the fire. Marshmallows burnt just enough to be warm, gooey and sticky! Okay, I'll let
    you eat all the marshmallows if you must ... in the meantime I'll be slowly squirming in the rippling flames of fireside passion, eyes wide open
    to the inspiration of a bright night sky. A sky that's always full of twinklingly erotic dreams!

    When camping in the arms of Mother Nature is not quite suited for the experience we seek together, my idea of an alternatively soothing escapade
    would be enjoying the warmth and coziness of my king size bed by the fireplace. We would pull the bed sheets over our heads and call it our
    love tent. Under the covers, the light of raw nocturnal wildness will come not from the stars but merely straight from our own making.

    About you:
    Charming and kind hearted; open-minded and non-judgmental; respectful and impeccably well groomed and clean. A gentleman who is willing to
    go with the flow by not being set in narrowly inflexible ways; one that is willing to explore much more then just the physical aspect of a mutually
    beneficial understanding. One who is willing to explore his deepest and most profound and intimate desires. If you are of the mindset of
    "some will, some won't; some do, some don't - I might" then we are off to a good start!

    You must also be someone who understands and accepts the limits of our professional but yet very personal and intimate relationship.

    My Idea of a Perfect Date:
    It definitely involves a warm tingle of luxurious anticipation. You, me, excitement! The gentle breath of intimate conversation, a bottle of
    commendable wine, a relaxed ambience, sensuality, soft but yet passionate caresses, an abundance of ardent kissing, building urgency.
    Where at the end of our rendez-vous, neither of us want to say good bye ... even if goodbye is only til next time.

    My Perception of an Ideal Companionship Relationship:
    Our social and erotic adventures will always continue to evolve in a fun, upbeat and appealing ‘no strings attached’ way!

    What I am not looking for:
    A committed serious relationship, marriage, a husband, a boyfriend, head games and drama, a personal friend with benefits, time wasters,
    imaginary friends (I already have enough voices talking to me in my head ), Homo Sapiens Perfectus, etc.
    I haven’t listed everything but I’m positive you understand what I mean.

    The Gabriella Experience:
    My three most important rules are confidentiality, discretion and professionalism. While respecting these rules, we will navigate seamlessly
    between fantasy and reality, formality and intimacy, desire and gratification, sensuality and raunchiness from start to finish in an unrushed
    fashion whether you are new to this lifestyle or perfectly seasoned. I specialise in all-inclusive extended encounters, dinner dates,
    overnights and weekend getaways.

    Express in-and-out speed dating or, as we like to say, the "wham bam thank you ma'am" is not something I am interested in.

    Send me an email introduction and let's see what kind of adventure we can explore together!

    Gabriella xox

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    Exclamation I am accepting reservations until the end of December!

    Raw desires

    Longing to taste
    Come out of the shadows
    With nervous anticipation
    Put your arms around me
    Do it gently
    Look at me
    With those lustful eyes
    In the green of my eyes
    Strip me down

    Touch me softly
    Savour me sweetly
    Lick me wickedly
    Caress me aggressively
    Hands everywhere
    With turbulent passion

    From the top
    Mount you firm
    From the back
    Bend me over
    Throw me around
    On my knees
    On my stomach
    Maybe even upside down

    I want it here
    I want it there
    In the bathroom
    In the kitchen
    On the floor
    Against the wall
    Climbing walls
    Don’t let me fall
    I want it everywhere

    Naturally sexually charged up!

    Gabriella xox


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