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Thread: Eleganza is driving me nuts. Argh!

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    Eleganza is driving me nuts. Argh!

    I waited patiently for the Eleganza schedule for the week to be posted this morning.

    As soon as it was up I sent an email requesting the appointments I wanted to book. Since my experience indicates this isn't very helpful, I also phoned and left a message. I've phoned several times since to leave brief messages.

    I've heard nothing back either by email or by phone.

    By contrast, I called Chloe's/Candyshop around the same time and immediately was able to book some appointments for later in the week. Ditto with Nadya's.

    I know John is infamous for significant difficulty with booking, but this is annoying. I'm making a trip especially to see some of his girls and I can't even book!

    Just needed to vent - I realize there's nothing anyone here can do about this and that many others end up in the same position. It seems some guys manage to get Eleganza girls scheduled and the rest of us end up going with other agencies.

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    Everything is fine over there with me I never really had any problems for 3 years I guess I was lucky to have only 2 cancelations on my record I think thats a good track especially its prebooking in advance for the week

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    Hello everyone,

    You would think that senior members should know by now that we do not permit hearsay or third party information to be posted as fact on this board. If you plan on making a post and it includes the words "I have heard..." expect it to be removed.

    Thread cleaned. Any further speculation or second or third hand information will be removed immediately and a suspension will follow.

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    I haven't seen many ladies from Eleganza. I've called to see who is available many times, and I think only one time John didn't answer. I called back later and he answered. I can't say I've had any problems.
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