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    For a while now I've wanted to do home-made porn, just for fun. But i've been unlocky to find a girl to join. Tried escorts, who are camera shy in general, tried adult casting agency (eromodel, no answer, do they still exist), tried leaving messages on classifieds, both on newspaper or web, withno success...

    Have I just been unlucky? I know some merbites have had successes, but won't share their sources openly, which I can understand. However, would appreciate any help from any member, either here or through pm.


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    Any hints?

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    between $800-$2000 will get you almost any girl. These are in-line with the rates that porno production houses that get "amateur" girls (they are really strippers, escorts, street hookers; not highly polished; bordering on "reality") for their videos.

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