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Thread: Justin Bieber hit with paternity suit

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    Justin Bieber hit with paternity suit

    A celebrity gossip website is reporting a 20-year-old woman is filing a lawsuit against Justin Bieber, claiming the teen pop star is the father of her child. says Mariah Yeater, who lives in California, is demanding the singer take a paternity test "to scientifically confirm" he is the father of her 3-month-old baby boy.

    The site says Yeater's lawsuit was filed late last month and the woman is requesting Bieber to provide adequate support for her baby.

    Radaronline said in an affadavit signed under penalty of perjury, Yeater said she was 19-years-old when she had sex with the underage star backstage at one of his concerts in Los Angeles.

    Bieber performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Oct. 25, 2010.

    The singer, who just released his first-ever holiday album, Under the Mistletoe, has been nominated for three awards at the MTV European Music Awards happening in Belfast on Nov. 6.

    His girllfriend, Selena Gomez, will be hosting the show.

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    Looks like the little Beiber was eager!

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    He said the little beiber did not do it, the DNA test will tell us if he did or not.

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    so Justin's the minor here... wow! nuts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    A celebrity gossip website is reporting a 20-year-old woman is filing a lawsuit against Justin Bieber, claiming the teen pop star is the father of her child.
    Huh, you're saying girls can make babies with girls. Seriously, he does look like a teen androgyne (in terms of gender identity, is a person who does not fit cleanly into the typical masculine).

    So this, allegedly, is the best kind of "hottie" the uber fabulous magnificent fantastico wonder idol Bieber gets to have sex with. Bwahahaha ...hehehehe ...guffaw, snicker, chuckle, chordle.

    If I was totally drunk or stoned I wouldn't touch her for free.



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    I've heard Justin Bieber's name x5000 and I have no idea what he sings or if he can sing.
    At least now I'm hearing about him for something interesting.

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    Nahh!!! First Selena and Justin are both virgins. To think anything else would destroy my vision of reality....LOL.

    Second, I gotta go with M on this one. I wouldn't touch that skank with Obama's "little boy".

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    She does'nt look that bad on some pictures. Not as pretty as Justin of course
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    With DNA these days, the true story will soon be told.

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    Bieber paternity suit dropped

    Twenty-year-old Mariah Yeater has quietly dismissed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber after falsely claiming he'd impregnated her at an L.A. concert. The pop superstar was preparing to take a DNA test to clear his name and had threatened to sue Yeater to discourage others from launching similar bogus claims. As 17-year-old Bieber recovers from his very adult ordeal, we look back at celebrities who have had their fair share of daddy drama over the years.

    Justin Bieber paternity suit withdrawn

    Headlines were dominated by the paternity suit filed by a woman named Mariah Yeater. Her claim was that the 17-year-old Canadian pop sensation was the father of her child, and she intended to get the kind of support that can only be bought with proceeds from all those Never Say Never checks.

    But we will no longer have to put up with “Baby”-related puns, as TMZ is reporting that Yeater’s lawyers have abandoned ship and that the suit has been withdrawn by the plaintiff. (At press time, Bieber’s representatives had not yet responded to a request for confirmation or comment.) If it’s true, that means that Bieber will not have to subject himself to the paternity test he pledged to take, which lets him keep his dignity but robs him of the chance to do that “I’m Not the Father!” dance on syndicated television.

    It’s probably best that the whole scenario ended where it did, since Yeater was probably wading into a whole heap of trouble. Bieber’s camp had already pledged to come back with a suit of their own for defamation, which would have been a slam dunk. And even if we somehow wandered into one of the Fringe multi-verses and it turned out the paternity test was positive, Yeater would have opened herself up to criminal statutory rape charges. It was basically a no-win situation for her, and it’s a good thing she pulled out before anything got ugly.

    With the suit behind him, Bieber can get back to the business of being a normal 17-year-old guy — you know, like screening movies in basketball arenas for his pop star girlfriend and singing for the President.

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    So no action for the little beiber till the big Beiber finishes his career?

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