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Thread: Questions about "tipping" at the massage parlor

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    Questions about "tipping" at the massage parlor

    I had a great time at a massage parlor near my home a few weeks ago.

    As it turned out, the hostess was extremely attractive and flirting in the jacuzzi and during the massage was so enjoyable that the ending felt a little disappointingly like a "one-way" thing.

    Since then, I've been wondering : what if I go back and skip the happy-ending? That could be fun too.

    This thought generated a number of questions :

    What do I get exactly for just the entry fee? A regular (although usually unprofessionnal) massage by a sexy girl? Will my hostess be unhappy if I don't take any extras, since she works mostly for tips? Will she be plain angry if I pull that stunt on, for example, a busy Friday night?

    Does her simply getting naked qualify as a basic "extra"?

    What if I want my hostess to step in the jacuzzi with me for a while? And maybe have her let me touch a little (a little, I know the limits)? What would be a reasonable rate for that?

    Of course, I understand that all this can be answered by the girl directly, but I'd like to have some rough idea of what to expect.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    I think it depends on the place. I've only been to two places (in Laval). Exxxotica was 40 entrance fee (a bit more if its the room with Jaccuzi) plus 60-80 to the lady depending on options (such as thai), to be chosen before starting the massage. Another one (Etoile Magique) looked more like a professional place and was 55$/1h plus tip at discretion. In that case even if you only take the massage I would still leave a little something.
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