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Thread: the official SARAH B thread of MANS-CAN-DO-IT RECiPIES....

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    sarah bernard
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    the official SARAH B thread of MANS-CAN-DO-IT RECiPIES....

    i am about to give u the secret of getting the SPECIAL ONE!!!!!!!!
    I will chare the secret of the Chef i am! ORIGINALY.
    And i am so much more.............. but lets stay focus :P
    so...........i will learn u how to impress people whit a minimum effort, a raisonnable budget in a very male way.
    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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    sarah bernard
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    pavés de deux saumons, sauce dijonnaise. (this is a Jean-francois-plante original recipy adapted by me for the cause)

    one piece of salmon for every guests. A 1 inche/2 inche surface piece whit or whitout skin.
    Some smoked salmon (enought!) 500 gram.
    one egg
    creme 15% cooking one!!!the small size
    white wine (old rest is ok)
    estragon (real leaves, close to leatuce)
    pot of ''herbes salées du saint-laurent'' (ask the guy he knows, it look like a plastic pot whit some moisturs herbs) take the small one!!!!

    ok then take the pieces of salmon and cut few slices on the horizontal, like ''escaloppes''.....mean, ure knife as to be cuting from ouest to est not from north to south...(questions:just ask). Think keeping the surface but making thinner pieces.
    Ill be more precise on the step : Try to do a god job (3-4 escaloppes: fines pieces like ham sandwiches meat)
    ...........Then :relax ...go pee, watch a little bit of the porn...(You have been working hard!)

    Ok then........Take care of the sauce: Its easy!
    in a medium boil : Mixt
    JUST! the yellow of the egg.
    1/4 of the small creme thing.
    then, put some white wine(about half of the quantity of crem you just putted)
    one little *spoon of the moisted herbs (in the plastic pot u asked the guy for)...(*the one for the deserts, not for the soup)
    and take about 20 leaves of the fresh taragon.(herbs)
    mixt this all together so its mixted good. Some pepper some salt.
    put the boil not to far *** outside the fridge.

    Then u take the smoked salmon out. open the package totally. Put it on a plate..keep it close.
    after that, You put ure slices of raw salmon u did before (the first step : the hard part :P!) Put those slices close to the smoked salmon...Other plate.
    take the boil whit the mixt of cream and wine too put it close to u. take the small spoon u just used:youll need it.
    The tree steps of the recipie are now infront and close to you.
    Then, Take a square and one inch profond recipiend that goes in the oven.
    You need a little space in the north-south area of the pan... so the sauce wonth go everywhere....

    Now think : Lasagna!!!
    u take first a raw salmond nice kind of escaloppes u did, (est-ouest piece) and put in the metal recipiend for the oven.
    then :get one spoon of cream mixture and put it over it. Depose the liquid on the salmond...drawn it a bit.
    then take a slice of smoked salmond. And again spoon of cream over it.
    Its simple like 1-2-3.
    mean ITS: (1)RAW salmond-(2)cream-(3)smoked salmond-cream raw salmond etc. And again, and again...until u have good portion for youre guests. And no more salmond.
    (RESULT: it will look like a ''salmon-little-individuals-lasagnas-pieces'' about 1 inche/2 inches at the total surface, and about one inch from south to north.)

    Open the oven 375.
    Take a break until the light say ok.
    put the metal recipien in ( whit your salmond pieces)
    and put a alarm ( IPHONE!!!!) 9-10 minutes.
    not more then 10 minutes.
    Salmond is not good over cooked!!!!!be serious on this!

    After all that well:
    You are a total chef! cause this taste so dammm good!!!!
    its very fast and easy!!!!impressive for your guests!

    PS: COMPANIONSHIP: Rice whit that : buy precooked rice...whit wild rice:Its very cheap..sold in a the grocerie near the dry rice.
    Asparagus: by fresh ones!!!!!!cut the feet one inch from the end.IMPORTANT!. Boiled water in a steak pan...little bit of water so it cover the asparagus.
    When its boilling only! Put it in the steak pan whit boiling water. 5 mins:***not more!!!!
    then in sieve in the kitchen sink.

    IMPORTANT****************Perceptions could think i am maybe disrespectfull of male race ( the way i explain: But NOT!!!) I know men and I know you dont naturaly cook the same way women do...that is it!
    Gents I do respect u ...u have no idea how much! xxx

    Give me updates if you do that recipy!
    Sarah B
    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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    Hello to you Sarah, your post I do laugh men can be good cusinier think I am in my family's maternal or paternal side men are Italian chefs and fashion designers (tailors) make sewing these days amaze our men has it depends on so many levels I think of their education and their refined taste

    I change the subject like you decide to hang my String a few months;-) I was wondering which you already do have you do a trais on all that has to trais hobby?

    And do you find it beneficial?

    I do not know your situation only the echoes of a sp like me who decide to make changes

    I do not know if I would have so much time to come on the boards to chat because I believe that the cut would not be complete and ever-present temptation

    We should do a reunion party lol just kidding

    Looking forward EvaCharms
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    Interesting. East to west is the same as north to south :-) besides I don't know which way the piece is oriented. Horizontal slices got it. I never cooked salmon like that. I always though the smoked salmon is ready to serve. And you put them one on top of the other one and cook together.

    Do you have a picture of it?

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    sarah bernard
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    miss EvaCharms,

    you seem to be a wonderfull and atractive companion. I know people love you. You are a sweet canoli!! (gentlements canoli is the best Italian pastry in the world : Try it before u die!) . Of yes i do whant to meet you! gosssssssssssssssh ! I need women like u in my life. Invite me! Will talk, will laught and we will make ourself a tasty europeen diner. Ill bring the wine : What about a nice bottle of fontanafreda? valpolicelli? chianty? Campofioring....Choose it Babe i whant to please u.

    will get drunk and then : We are going out!!!!!what about the role play of u and me has two horny lesbian going in a swimmer club! Ho MYMY we could make one or two gentlements fealings like they won the it could so fun!
    Then, back to home and : pyjama party !!!!we put ugly pyjamas and eat chocolate in youre bed........WE fall asleep softly, cutling tenderly: but no sex....just like two sister that chare a lot of life-experiences, like two women that are anderstanding, chearing and not juging a path that they choose to take even it was a dark-side-of-the-mood one.

    write to me i am putting my real life infos to contact me ( i lost my phone)
    PS: retreat is has good has it gets!
    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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    sarah bernard
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    Back to or main subject: Lets cook!

    Lets go for a easy-quick-easy one. and Mans it also cheap! But sooooooooooo goood! her we go:

    Le roti de palette en 5 min.

    medium size cauldron that can go in the oven.
    butter and oil (olive or canola)
    half of a red oignon.
    1-2-3 garlic gousse (your preference)
    A nice piece of roti-de-palette ( i dont know the name of this beef part but ggogle translation will tell you)
    steak seasonning.
    a 3/4 of a cup of a left over red wine.
    one 3 hundred-something ml can of tomato soup.Small can.
    a enveloppe of ognion soup.
    cold water.
    some carrots, some celery (not that mutch!)
    herbs : dry basil, dry oregano...a leaves of Laurier (google translation :P sorry)

    cut oignons in nice square, squish the garlic. take out the drys herbs and the steak seasonning.

    spread the meat whit the steak spices. Put it on both size of the piece of beef. then let the beef resting at room temperature. (meat is always better when its tempered not to cold)

    set the oven at 300 hunred degrees (celsius)

    Take the medium size cauldron
    put it on a hight heat on a big round of the stove. (Top stove element.)
    when a drop of water is doing ''pisshhhhhhhhhhhhh !''
    put the beef inside the cauldron.
    make both side roast(size it) for about 2 min.
    when its done TAKE THE BEEF OUT, put it on a plate and leave it to rest on the counter.

    Turn down the heat of the top-stove-element at medium.
    Then put the oignons and the garlic and let it roast 2-3 min (u can stir so it doesnt burn)
    then put the red wine, let it boild a little.
    When this is done: Put all of the tomato can soup.
    Put the enveloppe of dry oignon soup.
    had some water :half of a coffee cup.
    stir, then put some pepper and half a small spoon of the two dry spices go see the begining of this recipy. put it in the mixture. Some pepper.
    stir good.
    when it as boiled 4-5 min.
    Put the piece of beef back in the caudron and drowne it in the liquid and hot mixture you just did.
    Remove from
    Then put this in the previously heated oven. 300 celsius...not more.

    Ok now : RELAX! go watch the game, do a nap or look at the sealing for the next two hours.

    2 hours lather its done!!!!!You just made a guy diner!
    Invite a merbite body !
    this dish is tender, confy, tasty and so easely made.

    Man u are getting there!

    ah oui! Serve whit mashed potatoes or white rice or or garlicy pastas......had boiled haricots. Babes: you need green vegies xxxxx.

    until the next recipy i am kissing you all!

    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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    Sarah, why are you still teasing us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Labernard View Post
    Lets go for a easy-quick-easy one. and Mans it also cheap! But sooooooooooo goood! her we go:
    This looks delicious, I might try it.
    I always prefer easy and quick... cooking
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    sarah bernard
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    Find the closest loblaw or provigo.
    Buy whipped cream
    a jar of dolce deleche (Presidents choice brand)

    *Portions are at youre discretion according to you present appetite and frustration.
    mix 2/3 of whip cream with 1/3 of dolcedeleche.


    its a lonely treat but it can be occasionnaly shared as a aftersex reward!

    its yummy!

    sweet Sarah b
    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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