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Thread: it's been too long...

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    wishing I was in Montreal

    it's been too long...

    Hey All!

    So this is where everyone went when they left BigDoggie!!

    After more than a 2 year absence from Montreal, I am planning a return. As a bit of an introduction to the Merb community, I used to post on CanBest & TBD and visited the Mecca 6-8 times each year. I look forward to getting reacquainted with those that remember me, meeting new hobbyists and making myself useful again.

    I realize that things have probably changed and I am hoping that helpful hobbyists will provide some assistance to make my trip successful...

    Specifically I am searching for a hotel. Something upscale (a suite perhaps), downtown and most of all - "visitor friendly"! My favorites used to be the Loews Hotel Vogue & Hotel le Germain, but I did read in the TBD archives that they may no longer welcome evening guests and/or the security process is awkward.

    I was referred to the Hyatt, and I'm looking into a suite at the Hilton. I thought the biggest decision that I would have to make was which lady to see, not where to stay!

    Thanx, in advance, and feel free to email me if you prefer.



    BTW If I posted this in the wrong place, or did anything else wrong, please forgive this new, old hobbyist.

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    Try the De La Montagne.

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    If your former favorites were

    the Vogue and the Germain, you will like the Nelligan and the Place d'Armes. However, they are in Old Montreal, although the staff are very accomodating

    Downtown, you might check out the Sofitel (one caveat - if you use priceline or hotwire, my understanding is they'll stick you in a small room).

    Otherwise, you may just bear the pass-key restriction on the elevators at the Vogue by arranging to meet at the lobby bar or on the second floor landing.

    As far as I know, I'm not aware of similar restrictions at the Germain, but it's been a while since I've stayed there.

    Oh, and for a funky choice, you might look into the Godin on St. Laurent or the new W - again, I've not stayed there but personally, I find the garish red lighting and decor at the W's bar and restaurant annoying. And I was singularly unimpressed with the overpriced brunch at the Otto at the W (although I couldn't dare complain because the beautiful lady I was with paid for brunch ).

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