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Thread: REgular Mssage without a sheet

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    REgular Mssage without a sheet

    I am really not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question ... but I honestly have no idea where else to ask, and I know no one here is going to be shocked by my question

    Massages with options are great, but I also love regular therapeutic massages. Recurring back problems makes them almost mandatory on a monthly basis.

    I have a regular massage therapist, but there is one thing that often bothers me is all the playing with the sheet covering me. It takes me out of the "zone" you know ...

    So I am wondering, does anyone know of a good massage therapist that is OK without the sheet ? ON my back I would be fine with a towel covering my genitals, my goal is not to expose myself, merely to et a more relaxing experience.

    Any pointers you guys can give me would be more than welcome.

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    If you want to be partly nude infront of a masseuse, then the massage is not really a regular one... It's a kind of exhibitionnism even if you don't think it is.

    So you have to find an erotic masseuse who can provide good therapeutik massage.

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    Thanks for your answer. But it really isn't about exposing myself to the therapist.

    It's really the folding, moving, tugging, replacing of the sheets that annoys me a bit, especially when I want a more relaxing massage (as opposed to deep tissue .. when the associated pain prevents me from zoning out anyway).

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    Quote Originally Posted by man77777 View Post
    So you have to find an erotic masseuse who can provide good therapeutik massage.
    ...and a receipt for the benefit plan...

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    In my experience, the sheet means that there are no options at all. Does your masseuse offer extras? Simple solution, jets tell her you prefer the massage with no sheet.

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