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Thread: Masseuse with extras or escort without FS?

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    Masseuse with extras or escort without FS?

    Since I am seeking advice for an SP please do not simply answer that I should read ads and reviews to make my selection because I already did that and didn`t find the info I was looking for.

    I have been regularly meeting masseuses for a few years and had my best sessions when it becomes obvious that the lady is not only providing a service but enjoying the session as much, and in some cases even more, than myself.

    Now, I would like to have some additional services such as or even CIM but, for some personal reasons, no FS. Taking into account that it is much more difficult to obtain from masseuses services that they normally don`t provide than to ask to an escort to provide less, I am considering seeking for an escort but not using all of the services she normally provides. Please take note here that it is not a monetary issue and that I am not planning to ask for a rebate because I use limited services.

    However, based on the many reviews I read, I have the impression that the more open minded escorts offering DFK, DATY, digits, and CIM and really enjoying sex and taking pleasure in their job, are also preferring intense sessions involving MPOS and could be disappointed and frustrated to be involved in a session where they would not be able to demonstrate all their talents. In that case, her disapointment would make the session less pleasurable for me.

    As a summary, I am looking for a wide open escort enjoying her profession but who would take a limited session (limited in services not in time) with shared oral pleasure as an agreable ``break`` as compared to her normal ones rather than a boring and frustrated one.

    Do you know some escort that you think would enjoy that kind of session?

    Should I look more among the incall or outcall ladies?

    Do you think I should prefer an indy due to the possibility of discussing with her about my special requirements?

    I already read some rare reviews where the oral pleasure took so long that the FS was finally omitted including one, if I remember but not able to find back, by Sarah Bernard! But, maybe, she is probably too sex addict and intense for my requirements.

    LilyforYou also seems to be a provider corresponding to my taste.

    Chloe Milan and Maria Divina also seem to be sensual ladies corresponding to my taste but for them my budget starts to become an issue.

    As you understand based on the ladies I mentioned, I am quite attracted by MILF spinners but I would consider other types if the main previously mentioned requirements are met.

    I hope that some of you, even if you used complete services, got the impression that one of the escorts you met is particularly appreciating receiving and giving oral pleasure to the point that omitting FS would not cause her any disappointment.

    I also hope that you don`t consider my request too weird. Thanks for replies here or in PM.

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    you can see any sp of any price-range..and simply have oral services during their stay with you.
    the majority will all offer a seperate price on their incall sevices just for oral.(you must ask, and find out..or they will simply charge you the 30 minute fee)
    on outcall..the cost will never vary, you will pay the full hour outcall fee..but can have 2 oral services..and do as you wish.
    there is no obligation to have fs with an sp..they are an open menu of services..pick as you please.
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    I recommand either Eve or Tingting from Ourffair. Both are very friendly GFE and offer everything you need (but not sure about CIM). I and others reviewed both
    They are independant and you contact them by e-mail, so you can explain what you are looking for.

    Eve is probably more your style: 5`2" middle-aged. She loves kissing and receiving DATY. She makes it clear that she likes to receive as much as she gives. She likes sex but I think she would be OK without FS, so long as you take good care of her needs...
    She does both incalls and outcalls.
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