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Thread: Independents vs. Agency Escorts

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    Independents vs. Agency Escorts

    In my experience, independents offer pluses and minuses compared to agency escorts. One disadvantage is that many can't be reached by phone and you have no idea when you'll get a response to email. Another is that some are unreliable and may leave you waiting for your confirmed appointment but not showing up. The advantage is that once you find an independent you click with, you could be her customer for years. It's frustrating to call for your favorite escort and find she has left the agency and you have no way of contacting her. So does an independent bring more value for the customer compared to an agency escort? I'm not sure.

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    I don't bother with agencies anymore except for Better Half, and that doesn't really "feel" like an agency since I'm usually booking time with the owner. My experiences with agencies in the pre-internet days were pretty bad and I have no wish to repeat them.

    One thing that should not be underestimated is the appeal of the "crapshoot" to some guys. I think they enjoy the anticipation of who will show up at the door almost as much as the bedroom activities. On the other hand, my preference is to know as much as possible about the lady before meeting.
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    Agencies are generally more organized and prompt in their replies but a well-organized and disciplined independent can easily match that. Unfortunately, I recently contacted an independent who took an average of three-four days to reply to each email; I don't want to sound overly demanding but I think 48 hours is more than adequate unless the independent is on vacation, had to attend to a emergency or had specifically stated from the start that her replies would generally take more than 48 hours. In the end, I figured it wasn't worth it since I felt the independent wasn't taking her job seriously and that would probably affect our meeting.

    But one major plus with independents is that its a lot less awkward discussing what you like her to wear during the meeting as compared to the agency owner.
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