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Thread: Fighting sex trafficking in hotels, one room at a time, By Katia Hetter, CNN

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    Fighting sex trafficking in hotels, one room at a time, By Katia Hetter, CNN

    Just a read I came across.
    Fighting sex trafficking in hotels, one room at a time, By Katia Hetter, CNN

    "Kimberly Ritter could not believe what she was seeing. Girls wearing almost nothing at all, suggesting all sorts of sexual acts, listed on page after page of's escorts section. When she looked closer at the photos, she noticed something eerie. She could recognize the rooms."

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    There is an old adage that if you say something over and over again eventually everyone will accept it as the truth. The current trend of those who would like to essentially abolish commercial sex work is to say sex work = trafficking = child sex slave. There is no one in the media to point out the absurdity so many naive readers in the U.S. accept these articles as the truth. None of the women mentioned as advertisers were minors or working against their will. The biggest victims are the few actual enslaved child sex workers that do exist. The media allows these radical groups to yell wolf over and over again when no wolf exists, keeping everyone from locating the few wolves that do in fact exist in isolated circumstances.

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    Patron, while I agree whit most of what you say, I find this specific piece of journalism a little bit more balanced than the usual stuff written in the media. Of course, there is the usual BS about the general data in the story highlights, but, at least, the journalist makes an effort to say: "trafficking is not only sex for sale".

    To me, that tourist code of conduct is a good thing and should be promoted. Hotel tenants are at the front sight. They are probably the best informed people about trafficking and coercion because the action takes places in their premises. Most close their eyes because they make money from it, but they know damn well what is going on.

    Of course the code is promoted by the ECPAT who has a strong tendency to inflate number (inflate is a euphemism here), almost as much as the US State Department in their TIP reports. If I can provide you with some consolation, not everybody in the government believe those numbers. The GAO is a case in point:

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    Oh, my point was that someone was able to identify the hotel chain bases solely on the photos.

    The point I was trying to go for was "always be aware of your background in photos".

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    Worth reading: a series of articles in the Village Voice and elsewhere that reveals the shocking truth about sex trafficking

    The Truth Behind Sex Trafficking
    Rick: He escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazis have been chasing him all over Europe.
    Renault: This is the end of the chase.
    Rick: 20 thousand francs says it isn't.
    Renault: Make it ten. I am only a poor corrupt official.
    Rick: Louis, whatever gave you the impression that I might be interested in helping Laszlo escape?
    Renault: Because, my dear Ricky, I suspect that under that cynical shell you're at heart a sentimentalist.

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    Great informative reading, CaptRenault. It is a shame hobbyists will be the only ones that read it. None of the major news outlets see any benefit to reporting the truth on this subject.

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    How about some of you guys posting it on facebook?I already did...

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    I have said this in other threads and have gotten shot down. The Feminists (of certain persuasion) have been behind this push to equate all prostitution with human trafficking.

    While I certainly do not diminish the evils of forced sex slavery, human trafficking is not as large as they promote. It needs to be fought by international LE at the borders, but the vast majority of SP's are not victims of forced sex work.

    But just think how ridiculous that article is. If an under-aged girl is working in a hotel setting against her will, how easy it would be for her to pick up the phone and ask the front desk to call the police and tell them she is there against her will.

    Once she is with police what would she fear? If she was from another country, they would send her back. The government has witness protection programs that would protect her, since she would help catch her perpetrator.

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