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Thread: some things that annoy me about some of the girls ads

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    some things that annoy me about some of the girls ads

    a lot of you must hate it as much i do when :
    -a chic that has been around for a long time keeps posting in her that she's new. it's really annoying, if you're looking to meet someone who really is fresh in the game.
    i've a bbw keep posting " i don't usually do this" over a billion times.

    -there's an ad with no name. wtf do i call the girl? honey, sweetheart, biatch?

    -there's an ad with no rates. one girl had an ad up, i called her to ask about rates and location. and she hung up on me.

    -this next one is such a big deal. but when they post about incalls and they don't say where approximately they are located, kinda irritates me. one girl hung up when called her to gets a rough idea of where she was located.

    - girls that use pictures from other girls... really annoying to see the same picture with a billion different names associated with it.

    -this one really annoys me. girls that claim to be pornstars but can't prove it. if you can't prove that you are, then it's most likely because you're not.

    - i also hate how most incalls are downtown. i don't think that bugs most of you.

    if there's anything that annoys you, you can post it here.

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    if you are talking about non-agency random girls you see on various list sites, my biggest annoyance (and it's probably just me) is that I don't want to make first contact over phone, but unfortunately this is pretty much standard. From my standpoint it's much easier to make a throw-away email address to do a bit of vetting first... since one crazy getting your phone number is a huge hassle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_u_u_r View Post
    -there's an ad with no rates. one girl had an ad up, i called her to ask about rates and location. and she hung up on me.
    I saw one like that on Ouraffair. Probably if we need to ask the price, we can't afford her.

    For independants, I usually go with the ones who have a website and contact by e-mails. For me too, knowing the general location is very important.
    If they don't have all the info I need, then I just don't bother, so I never get annoyed.
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    if they can't put down everything in their ad, then they aren't worth the call or your time.

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    Yeah no hints on general location & price is highly annoying so I ignore the ad. There's also a massage place to has been placing ads like "New! Grand Opening!" for a few years now. No credibility whatsoever.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Guest goes both way...if someone write to me :'' I want to meet you'' and that's all there is in the email,with no introduction, no mention when, where,if its a proposition of meeting or just a fact , some do write to tell they wish they could meet me but they can't (?)...etc ... it is not conductive to a nice meeting...

    And a hint here: if I write I prefer mature men in my adds, it is not enough to write to me I am very mature (that tells me you are too young by the way)...I will still have to ask your age?

    Maybe I should start a thread : emailing to escort 101 loll

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    haha maybe you should. but it's best if some of the girls are upfront about things like their name, approximately where their incall is located and other stuff to give us guys a better feel of if we want to contact her or not.
    it really sucks calling to find out that the incall is all the way in china, I'M NOT TRAVELLING THAT FAR GGRRRR lol

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