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    Angry joueravecfantasme ect..

    hi well as anyone tried thes 2 sites where you chat with people and try to hook up ect..well heres my 2 cents..ITS BULLSHITT! i mean you pay to be memeber and everyday its always the same people on cam or on the site..i mean some dont even work! send a message to a woman and she replies with the same phrases ..they dont even let you at least introduce yourself or heres another thing..all the woman 40 years old ans up ask for men .you send a message just saying hi and the ban you!! thats right for nothing!

    as anyone had the same experience on these sites..damn i shoudlve peyed if i knew

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    well its been a week and yep all the sites like this suck bigg sure its all fix way all the men are turn down it seems..some are payd to be there to attract men on the site but after they dont even say hi loll..what a scam..anyone had same experience on thes sites..i mena something is wrong when even the ugly fat girls do the same!

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    sorry guys ..all other sites ar like that..all the girls want is to see how many guys e-mails them and fights to talk to them..pathethic

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    frankr122, it's literally a study of behaviour..

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    well i went on 3 other site to see difference..its even all the same girls especially milfs that open there cam,show there tits on cam and dont want to meet cause they only want points for free months they all say want men but when u approach them they dont talk to you unless your part of the little group thats been there for over a month!! god bless the escorts at least there better and your getting what you want! if you guys want to boiled up i suggest you try these sites and let us know what you think about the bs on it! peace

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