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Thread: dating on a website. opinions recommended.

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    dating on a website. opinions recommended.

    Hi there everybody I am a guyin my early 30's . While I try to date in my age group, sometimes I try to message women in their mid to late 40's maybe like 2% of teh time. I am a young professional, and do contemplate an future in politics, how would you think that would affect it. I suggested to my friends that I don't watn in my future some old lady keeping my pics and showing to her friends to have fun and show that a younger guy approached her. Teh obvious solution which i have already done is to not mesages anyone older than I am (+/- 3/5 years). But I am thinking that in the past I did use to do this, could this be a problem in my future? How would the public perceive it?


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    Yes, but ocean is a very common name could be anyone anywhere.

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    my thought is "hitting on" older women shouldn't affect public opinion of you ... its a preference. there are some very young MPs. there are homosexual politicians.
    the bigger concern for you should probably be owning a handle on an escort review site. yikes!

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    Well, that will eventually stop..... but then it is a concern, because it involves more personla details. I ust don't want some woman to be infront of the camera like heres ocena's pics, yeah he contacted me a while back. That would be really problematic.

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    But given that one day I woudl wnat to work in something public, once I fin a stable GF, and stop commenting here alll togerhter, you don't think this could be an issue media wise?

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    Anyone going into politics in the age of smartphones with cameras, the Internet etc., is going to need to have a tidey closet I think. I don't think anyone expects their politicians to be "perfect", and I suspect that if the worst thing you have to hide is that you hit on a few Cougars, I can't see that being an issue...

    The obvious question though, is are you seeing escorts and going to MPs? If so, THAT could come back to haunt you. All it takes is some gold-digger who tries to extort money from you "or else"...

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