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Thread: xxxtase mixed up, are they ready for the new age ???

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    Angry xxxtase mixed up, are they ready for the new age ???

    I try to book a girl with xxxtase today...

    Usually I perfer txt massage, as I cannot call this sort of things at work, and this is one of those agencies offer txt comunication, not always good service but work out most time...

    Guess what happened...

    I cleared my evening, wait for her arrive, which never happened !!!

    I called.

    The booker said I txt him and canceled???!!!!

    I recheck all the message I send, nothing indicate I want to Cancel %#@!!!!

    Later he call back, apologize for whatever(raise his voice??? blame me for something I never did???? etc????), said he mixed up all the message %#@%#@!!!! Also he send the girl of my choice to some rough b***ard at MY TIME SLOTE, and she called him, crying and cancel the rest of night %#@%#@%#@!!!!

    I don't know how much of all this is BS, but I wonder how do agency handle txt booking, some simplely donot even have the right phone for this, or do they even check all the message???

    Also, can they make sure they have the right hardware for the job???!!!! Smart phones are not that Expensive, /i can see how bad it is a french guy try to txt in English on a cheapass old fashion cell, while I know how little it cost to get a not so new but perfectly workable smart phone !!!!

    At least I got say, update your communication hardware. I would donate my old BB torch if that can make sure all this BS NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN %#@ !!!

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    Text messaging appointments can lead to mix ups. It's best to confirm a text messaged appointment by phone, when you get a chance to freely do so. Chloe's/Candyshop are very good with text messaging. The other agencies I wouldn't rely on it too much.

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