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Thread: Toronto Sun article on escorts in that city

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    Toronto Sun article on escorts in that city

    An article in the Saturday Toronto Sun discusses how escorts in that city have been impacted by the recent legal appeals of the prostitution laws : Online escorts beyond the law

    The article talks about the uncertainty surrounding who can and cannot offer the services of prostitution, pending the appeal of the recent Ontario Court of Appeals decision on prostitution laws, and the fact that Toronto Police are stopping investigations into escorts pending the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    “Investigations into escort agencies have been placed on hold pending an appeal of prostitution laws,” said Toronto Const. Victor Kwong. “The investigations on hold are to determine if prostitution laws are being broken.”

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    Thanks for the link, RobinX.

    Even more interesting is the video coming with the article, an interview wit Nicole, a mid-range Toronto escort who's weekly revenues range from 1000 to 3000$. She's concerned with the idea of having to register and, of course the fiscal obligation. She claims that the working life span in short in this trade. I have 2 comments on that:

    1 There is no sex worker registration in most countries where prostitution is legalized. Indys and Small Owner-Operated Brothels need no permit in New Zealand, for exemple. Large brothels do, based on the principal that the sex workers do not control the business, that there is an operator.

    2 Fiscal evasion remains very high in all countries where prostitution is legal, except in Nevada. But it is not a big priority of governments.

    Government's priority is to maximize the attractiveness of the legal system. Sex worker's registers and too strict fiscal controls tend to push the sex workers back under the carpet.

    That's all present in Nicole's mind, I am quite sure.

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    Kansas Frank
    Thanks for keeping us updated, RobinX. Please continue to do so.

    I hope the Supreme Court takes the pragmatic approach and formulate guidelines that reflect real life realities so that the SP's are portected to the fullest extent of the law (as well as their drivers and agents) and the Hobbyists receives the same consumer rights as every other consumers of legitimate services (sex is a legal service in Canada.) Sex is never free; the dudes usually end up paying for it -- whether one pays for it in money or house chores, bringing home a paycheck, buying her gifts, etc.

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    Follow-up article in Sunday's Toronto Sun: "Cops put john sweeps on hold"

    There is a follow-up article in Sunday's Toronto Sun explaining that Toronto cops have put a hold on using female cops posing as street prostitutes in order to entrap clients: "Cops put john sweeps on hold"

    Toronto Police have put a full stop on john sweeps — operations designed to nab men who hit the streets to buy sex.

    The Toronto Police Service confirmed Sunday the force has put “on hold” the sweeps in which female officers pose as street prostitutes to arrest men who pay for sex. The stop to the long-standing stings comes in the wake of court rulings which have declared some of Canada’s prostitution laws as unconstitutional, said spokesman Mark Pugash.

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    meanwhile in Utah, a different kind of police issue...

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