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Thread: For all you sex athletes out there...

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    For all you sex athletes out there...

    a commercial for a condom brand...quite funny
    we'll never see that on canadian or american TV that's for sure.
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    Thank you comte!!! ROTFLMAO doesn't come close to describing me at this moment!!!!

    BTW, is anybody up for endurance marathon?

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    If the first gal missed there would have been a hell of a mess!!

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    Talking Upon Further Reveiw....

    Medical examination on the UKR weight lifter found a steel rod penile implant anchored to his backbone. Therefore he and his partner are disqualified from the 65kg 'lifting and holding your mate conjugation' competition. Their gold medal is justly awarded to Sporty Sportif who successfully lifted and holding his conjugated mate 'Britney Sky' at 64Kg. Congratulations Sporty! You are the champ! LMAO!!!

    P.S. Please enjoy the video to appreciate Sporty's amazing 'Super Stud' abilities.

    Dr. Louis
    Chairman of sex-athletes competition review committee
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