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Thread: Guys, check-out this ridiculous article in the Gazoo

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    Guys, check-out this ridiculous article in the Gazoo

    I used to visit the DT SC frequently and have 'never' met a girl in the scenarios described in this silly article.

    90% of the dancers I asked to dance with were students who only worked for the duration of their studies and then left the business after graduating.

    Article is ridiculous, especially the the part about the 'cops' pretending they 'care'.

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    Sex trade--the girl next door-- an article in the montreal gazette

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    Quote Originally Posted by X club goer View Post

    I used to visit the DT SC frequently and have 'never' met a girl in the scenarios described in this silly article.

    Article is ridiculous,
    Wow . What an absurd article. This sounds like a very typical conservative attitude that sees sex as a big controversy. This article describes a very limited and the most negative case scenario. It depicts one situation and generalized that all strippers are in the same situation. Not all pimps are bad also... many are good and actually protect the girls... some of these girls are new to the business and cannot even manage their own money. There are both bad and good pimps. Many strippers are not trafficked also. I do not know where they get their information from.
    There is no knowledge that is not power.

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    Guys, when you link to an external source, please comment on your opinion.


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    Jesus thats a long article. Do they actually expect people to read all that !

    Article took too long to get to the point

    Maybe u could enlighten us on what this article is about ?

    i still don't know ? lol

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    It's nothing new; the same old sex=bad, girls are exploited by pimps, johns are losers drivel. Clicking on the link just gives the Gazette the web hits they are looking for.

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    I'm guessing the point, like all the silly articles like this, is for the anti-sex work types to attempt to conflate all sex work (apparently even stripping) with any story of abuse they can find, no matter if it's real, made up, or hugely exaggerated at their urging. And according to the sidebar, all sex workers are victims, even all the ones who say they're not, because they don't realize it.

    The anti-sex work types know, as in New Zealand and Australia, more of the media and more real academic studies (their sidebar fails to identify the alleged university study they claim to back their view) are going to start actually talking to the thousands of sex workers across Canada, and start finding out the vast majority do not fit the silly helpless victim stereotype they want everyone to believe, and these kinds of articles they can get gullible media types to write are a desperate preemptive attempt to counter people learning about reality.

    Here's a blog post from a retired sex worker that I saw another Gazette writer link to a couple of months ago.

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    >>> Joe.t, you should know better than quoting like that???? Mod 11.

    Bingo MR. Haywood, the article is a complete joke, exaggerated by people who are trying to make a name for themselves and are extremely jealous individuals, if Dominec really believes the crap that he is spewing in the article then he is a bigger idiot than the one he portrays himself to be, it just shows that the guy knows absolutely nothing about the sex industry, I will read the whole article later on when I have nothing better to do, just for the laugh.
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    I guess the club owners got together and decided to stop giving the police their brown paper bags. so the cops are getting their revenge feeding this garbage to the press.

    I love how the piece lumps together dancing with streetwalking... two completely different beasts.

    The violent pimping DOES happen tho guys.. it is not as frequently as one would gather from the piece. A couple of times I have had girls ask to stay at my place due to fear of abuse when they got home either because they did not make enough money or because they wanted to keep what they made. but out of the hundreds of dancers I have encountered (and a few I have dated) I know this is pretty rare. It does happen tho and even tho the article reads like a hit piece for the most part we should be aware that some of the girls are indeed trafficked. I won't mention the clubs where I encountered the girls.. i will only say you have almost all probably been to them and it was not the norm but not unheard of either.

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    I am INDEPENDENT Service Provider for the last 4 years and one thing I hate is these reports that make all the women in the sex industry look like a bunch of manipulated pimped out women victims. Yes it does exists, I would be lying if I didn't acknowledge it. BUT these are RARE cases! I work for myself, no agencies, no massage parlors, NO PIMPS!I place my ads online and decided who I want to see. 99% of the time I see business men and tourist. If I don't like the area,their attitude or the questions they ask me over the phone I do not go.If ever I have ever felt uncomfortable for ANY reason, I will get up and walk away.And to date I have NEVER felt afraid or "violated".There is a mutual respect.I enjoy there company as well as they do mine. +1 I go home with a several hundred dollars in my pocket. Victim?I think not! Who you need to watch out for are easier girls who go home with random strangers after getting DRUNK on Crescent street, go home empty handed and feeling used.

    Read more:
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    Lily from Montreal
    And I second all of Valarie's comment...i am getting very annoyed at all the "victim" angle and having people tell me that I need to be saved is a bit much... I chose that hobby and I am an adult , majeure et vaccinée,and i decide what I do in life...

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    Valarie , you say that you hate all the reports saying that all the girls in this industry are victims. And to justify your point, you mention that you're an independant, no agency, no MP ... Are you insinuating that ALL women that arent independant workers or either work for agencies or MP's are PIMPED , or victims ?

    See this is what I dont like about both sides I'm reading. For one I agree that `some`of these girls arent victims. Wether its a majority or a minority, that I dont know. But the fact that they work for agencies or MP's does not make them victims or pimped, like you seem to be implying. ANNNNDDDDDD a girl that labels herself as an independant can very well be a victim also. Being independant does not necessarily mean that you arent. There are lots of factors that can make you a `sort a speak`victim.

    In the end, if you HATE how they generalize women in the industry in the media, please dont generalize yourself. I`ve met many women in my years of hobbying and I personally know of 4-5 of them that used to strip that were never pimped and that are very prominent part of society today.

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    Articles in the paper pertaining to prostitution will almost always only express the negative viewpoint.

    Most women not in the sex trade look down on any one who participates in it in any capacity. I am sure that some of my married friends and business associates would ostracize me due to pressure from their wives if they knew of my activities. My family members would insist on my submitting to psychiatric treatment.

    How many people have the courage to defend the sex trade publically? I have to admit that I do not have the balls to do so.

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    I am not sure if you misread, but I did not and would never say that females who work for agencies or MP are being pimped, because I know that isn't true. Because the report is so one sided, I felt that like showing another side, to the negativity that the report reflected. Media always reflecting the negativity in everything. My goal was to show my reality, and reality of MANY, if not most of Sp's known.

    Yes I generalize my statements because after the many many years I have worked in this industry, not just as an SP, but for many years as a receptionist and driver, I feel like I have seen all this industry has to offer, negative and positive, whether me or other SP's I have worked with/ and friends who have also worked in the sex industry.

    And if you or anyone else may not agree... that's your right, feel free to air it as you wish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon_vlad View Post
    Articles in the paper pertaining to prostitution will almost always only express the negative viewpoint.
    I agree, because it sells papers. People enjoy reading (and watching) negative news.

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