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Thread: Arcade downtown?

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    Arcade downtown?

    there is almost no video game arcades left in the US sans a samall one in the malls, is there any decent size ones left downtown montreal?

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    - Amusement 2000 Plus on Sainte-Catherine Street, between Guy and Peel metro stations
    - AMC/Pepsi Forum corner of Sainte-Catherine and Atwater

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    Amusement 2000 on St Catherine close to corner Crescent and there's a Peep Show in the basment!
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    I think the basement of the recreoteque or however you spell it in Laval is still open. It has a good collection of machines but nothing classic or worth playing IMHO.

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    Wow, I just remembered the arcade that was at ''Complexe Desjardins'', but that was in another lifetime ... so long ago !


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