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Thread: Best Classified Websites for Indys

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    Best Classified Websites for Indys

    So I'm perusing the classified sites and am wondering what sites other folks are using. Prices seem to be lower at the end of the month in Annonce123 cause all the French girls are trying to pay their rent do I tend to "hobby" more then. Anyone recommend some other good sites? Also does anyone know if the French girls are back in school yet or are they still on strike?



    PS I Also use annonceintime & maryly sometimes.

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    There is already a thread containing a very comprehensive list of sites for erotic classifed ads: Craigslist montreal Erotic section closed down

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    One post moved to thread above and this thread locked.

    At the time Craigslist closed it's Erotic section, Fred Zed had permitted an exception to the rule prohibiting links to competitor's advertising sites. While we can allow that exception to continue, we can't allow a new thread with such links.


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