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Thread: Montreal Burlesque Festival

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    Montreal Burlesque Festival

    The Montreal Burlesque Festival is back on the 27th-28th-29th of September. Anyone planning to attend? Has anyone been in the past? I've always wanted to check it out but would like to know if anyone has been before and if it's really worth it.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone was planning on going? I was thinking of getting VIP tickets for the midnight show "The sexy side of Burlesque" if I can find two other people to join me because the tickets are for a table for four which includes a bottle of Champagne per table. I already have a friend who I'm sure will want to come. If anyone's interested, let me know by PM.

    Here's the website if you want to check it out.
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    Maybe it is all the porn on the net, burlesque does not do it for me anymore.

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    It's not so much akin to porn than to vaudville entertainment, which is a lost art, I wouldn't mind seeing that
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    I went to one of their shows last year and had a blast with some friends. Although I have always had an interest in burlesque, not sure if the average joe would enjoy it.

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