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Thread: Québécois women

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    Québécois women

    Curious if anyone can elaborate on whether Quebecers display a significant behavioral and attitude difference from their American female counterpart (non pros and pros)?

    Specifically their attitude/behavior towards:
    1. sexuality
    2. relationships
    3. everything else

    I'm biased in favor of Quebecers and wondering if I'm way off the mark in my high valuation.

    One last question: yes or no, do Quebecers make better girlfriends as opposed to girls from the US?
    (I know this is totally subjective however I would just like to hear different opinions and perspectives)

    "I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world." Angelina Jolie

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    Lily from Montreal
    And to be able to really compare you need someone who has or had both girlfriends, maybe not at the same time but still...loll

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    When it comes to American women, it really depends where she is from. I have had both American girlfriends and Quebec girlfriends. In my humble opinion, US women and Quebec women are the same when it comes to relationships and sex. I really did not see a difference. Perhaps you overly evaluate Quebec women. I understand your bias because although I speak French and other Latin languages, I am most comfortable in English.

    However, my favorite language is French because it sounds so nice when a person speaks it as opposed to English -) As a result, Quebec women attract me more because they speak French. In the end, however, US women and Quebec women are the same.

    If you define "sexually open" as one night stands, there is no difference between them.

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