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Thread: Attn. Mods Missing Thread Question

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    Attn. Mods Missing Thread Question

    M2 or M4,

    There was a thread here in the lounge yesterday that I posted in at around 10:30am, I can't remember the handle of the person that started the thread but he was asking questions as to who he should see when he visited Montreal and listed numerous ladies and agencies. One of the posts had mentioned something derogatory about Satin Dreamz and I responded to that particular post. I can't seem to find that thread any longer and am wondering why it was deleted?



    Special K,

    Legos_256 started that topic. Yesterday evening, he sent me a PM, asking me to delete his account. Mods can only ban an account, not delete, but we can delete the posts for Fred, so he can easily remove the account. I deleted the posts last night, and forwarded his request to Fred.

    His post was the first in this topic, and the rest of the messages did not make sense without that first post, so I let it all go. In a "master tread", I would have taken extra steps to preserve the rest of the information.

    If you have more specific questions, or want a copy of your post, send me a PM.

    Thank you,
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