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Thread: Stella - by & for sex workers organization

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    Stella - by & for sex workers organization

    Stella is a by-and-for sex workers organization. We offer free condoms of many varieties, a free medical clinic for STI and HIV testing and Hepatitis A and B vaccines, (no cards required) in a non-judgemental and confidential environment, regular activities, a monthly list of bad and aggressive clients, and a discreet and confidential space to come by and talk!

    We have a listening line to answer any questions you may have open Monday to Friday from 11 to 5pm, excepting Tuesdays which is 11-12pm. You are also welcome to drop by during those hours, or we can come meet you in your workplace. Our number is 514 285 8889.

    Check out our website at for more information


    Chez Stella: organisme par et pour les travailleuses du sexe. Nous distribuons du matériel de prévention et
    d'information tel que : la revue Constellation, le guide XXX, le guide client, le bulletin Stellaire qui est
    mensuel avec sa liste d'agresseurs et de mauvais clients. Nous offrons gratuitement plusieurs sortes de
    condoms et offrons aussi d'autres services confidentiels tel que la vaccination des hépatite A et B,
    dépistages de ITSS/VIH et ce, dans un milieu sans jugement et confidentiel. Des activités pour les femmes
    travaillant dans l'industrie.

    Une ligne d'écoute est aussi disponible pour répondre à tes
    questions du lundi au vendredi de 11h à 17h, sauf le mardi qui est fermé de 12h à 17h. Nous pouvons aussi vous
    rencontrer dans votre milieu de travail. 514 285 8889.

    N'hésitez pas de visiter notre site internet :

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    If I can say personal commentary to Stella:

    That's about time you come advertise your service on boards.

    I did not get the point why you were not present before...

    but welcome!

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    I agree with Maria Divina.
    Stella offers several very valuable services, but of particular interest to members of this board are a number of different publications - all of which are quite interesting. Several of those publications are MUST read for SPs. And many should be read by everyone active (provider/client) in the milieu.
    These publications can be picked up at their office (but call first). To support their work, I would suggest you donate a little $$$ to them while you are there.
    Nice to hear about Stella on this board.

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    Hi everyone!

    also a few of our publications can be found on our website so check it out and keep in touch!

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