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Thread: Hotels, any suggestions?

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    Hotels, any suggestions?

    Will be in montreal in May. I have heard that some hotels are very stick about "guest" after about 11PM. Travelling with wife and we want to have a guest, don't want cheap by there hour type place. Clean with liberal attitude.
    Place with hot tub makes her very happy when we have fun. Any suggestions?

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    Yukon Jack,

    The answers are here on this Board, you need to do some research and you will find that which you seek. There are at least two major hotel threads and a Priceline thread. Have you searched through them?

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    There are chain of Motel Ideal or Chablis, they have rooms with hot tub and nice decoration for hot date. You have many choice of room and rate, most are > $ 200 for one whole night unless you don't mind to stay in surround on Montreal like Terrebonne...They are quite open for overnight staying guests with no trouble. Hope that hel you.

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    Thanks for the tip Eager Beaver. I am new to thesite and a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to using the web. Found the threads plus looks like the Chabilis
    will fit the bill.

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    Hotel de la Montagne fits the bill and is more centrally located than the Chablis.

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