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Thread: From the client side, do you get the impression that business is down?

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    From the client side, do you get the impression that business is down?

    Strippers have told me that business is down and I can see the places are not as filled up as years ago. Is the SP, MP business down?

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    From what I have read on MERB, business for service providers or massage parlours is not down. Strip clubs have gotten excessively expensive with $15 to $20/song and the cost of drinks. At the end of the night, after spending $100+, you are all worked up with no satisfaction at the end. Pay a little more and you can visit a parlour for an hour and leave happy. Pay a little more than the parlour price and you can get full service. With the cost of living going up everywhere, people try to get as much as they can for their money. Strip clubs just do not cut it anymore.

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    I stopped visiting SC and now use massage for the reasons mentioned by Max.

    I also realize that some SC forums that were relatively active when I was contributing to them are now completely dead. I think it confirms that their business goes down.

    The exceptions are maybe some downtown upscale places for tourists and some locals going there as groups but for the solitary perverts (like me), massage parlors offer a better value since most of the time, its less than what I was spending in a strip club and I leave satisfied!

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    the quiet period is generally May annually if i'm not mistaken.

    as for whether biz is down, my guess is yes overall due to the global economy > less travel > less luxury spending > etc.
    just ask the cabbies, they know everything about the city's economy.

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    Probably will be down at least 2.5+3% in the coming months.

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    Well if you ask me it's normal for buisness to be down. With weather changing and much less tourists thats a percentage of impact. Than you have a percentage of sp's that for the price we pay don't provide a great service so that discourages some to call a provider. Than you have the price increase of sp's and agencies like $200 and up that say gfe but don't dfk or other stuff that should be gfe or YMMV, or provide bad service. If you think about it for 1 hour companion to pay $200 or more is ridiculouse, and some charge extra for CIM or COB are you kidding me. Some people have to work many hours in a week to make $200. The market is getting Over priced and it's too bad cause some sp's provide exceptional service but buisness is slowed down due to points mention. I would say a reasonable price for a 1hour provider is $160. and the 2 service in 1 hour is stupid it should be 1 full hour regardless of how many services. Than again we must be fair and if the sp provides a great service she should be tiped min $20. I am sure that if all Agencies and Indy's would do this buisness would definitly pick up. It's all about Quality and Volume.

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    I also stoped going at Strip Club since i discovered the MTL scene of escorts. I see no point of paying minimum 5$ entry fee, 10$ or so doorman, 10$ or not far from it for beer and then i didn't got a single dance and im already 25$ down the drain.. put 20$ the dance... you spend 100$ in a matter of 30 min or so in the club... and you got nothing exept boobs touching.

    At this price an escort is well worth it. I even calculated... if you pay 10$ per song in a strip club... she will cost you the same price as an escort(200$) for an hour.... its crazy huh? So i rather add te hotel and get my beer at the depaneur, then call an escort.

    As for the business, yeah these days there is so much more agencies, much more girls, much more choices, so i get that many they on there side have a feeling business is down, but for us the customers its excellent.
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    I paid a $2 entry fee at Cleos the last time I was there, How long ago was that. I can not even tell you. Is Cleos even there anymore?

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