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Thread: Escorting in phoenix, az

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    Escorting in phoenix, az

    Hi, anyone know of a review board or a listing of reputable agencies in Phoenix, az. I've been looking on the web but it's not as straight forward as in MTL or TO.


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    Dave in Phoenix, who some may remember here, posted the following earlier this year on TERB, as part of this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave in Phoenix
    ...Trying to spend more time on real business making money and as someone noted, I haven`t updated for years but keep very busy with the Phoenix Private and Companion Lists (355 gals) that I have run via e-mail since 1996. I am trying to help many gals in the recent Phoenix Temple bust of 39 which all face felony charges just like the almost 100 that took guilty felony pleas in the Desert Diva`s case. It is sure nice up there without the legal issues!

    I have for Phoenix a separate more public free board but it mostly just supplements the Phoenix Lists with occasional posts, but no reviews which need to be more private for the legal protection of e-mail.

    Activity in Phoenix way down with the economy and everyone scared of very active LE busting in private consenting adults. They even did a round up recently bringing outcalls to hotels with choice of going to jail or the "hooker fair" run by a Catholic charity to save them from prostitution - more for street hookers but many $400/hr independents got caught in their trap.

    I also have a separate (free) List just for the Phoenix Temple Bust going to about 100 with that interest - big hearing a few days ago- the archive is now almost 100 pages with lots of legal issue discussions. These are all private e-mail reports not a public website...
    This is the link to his board for Phoenix (the home page has his email address posted):

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    Looks scary. I think i'll pass

    Thanks for info.

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    Yeah anybody who partakes in the US with the alternatives in Canada is crazee!

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