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Thread: When to put on winter tires?

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    When to put on winter tires?

    I figure we still have a month. I see many cars have winter tires on now, I think it is too early.

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    If you have time to sit and wait at the shop when the time comes, then you can wait until everyone else gets it done when the first flurries fly.
    My preference is to get them on sooner rather than later. Any time in the first two weeks of Nov is my preference.

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    I just got them on. You never know when you're going to need them.
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    Right here, except when I'm elsewhere.
    Last year I drove back from Montreal through nearly a meter of heavy, wet snow at the end of October.

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    The law is snow tires have to be on by Dec 15 witch is much too late in the season. Snow removal contracts start either Nov 1 or Nov 15. I always make sure there installed by Nov 15.

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    You don't need to install winter tires until the average temperature hits around +7 C, or below. Above that temperature winter tires have less grip than summer or all season tires and will also wear faster. Below that temperature your all season tire and especially summer tires' grip is seriously impaired.
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    I always do it in the middle of November.

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    I have a sports car that I do not drive in winter, it will be put away by the end of the month. My winter car has winter tires all year round but if I had to change tires I would do so no later than next weekend. Winter is just around the corner( light flurries yesterday) and you don't want to get caught without proper tires especially if you drive a lot. It's cold enough now that summer tires should be removed, they are very dangerous in cold/icy conditions. All seasons are useless for our winters.

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    Did it Yesterday, the Canadian Tire I went to was not busy.

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    Winter tires should be on now.

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    I would

    Don't be one of those irresponsible public danger. There are too many of those in Montreal, who think that winter tires are optional and 4-seasons are fine.

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    Yes I would put them on Now ... you never know when we could get a storm ...and at the same time have your charging system checked .. Thats the Key for Cold starts in the winter .. and winter Oil ....

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