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Thread: Sight seeing in Montreal...

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    Sight seeing in Montreal...

    If you were to recomment just three places to visitm which would you recommend to a visitor in terms of museums, aquariums, etc...

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    I suggest buying an Entertainment book for the Montreal et Environs and see the offers they have. I remember in the past that they have disounts on various siteseeing activities, including the IMAX, museums, etc. Further, right now, they're being sold at 50% off, not a bad sell.

    Also, consider going on one of those boat tours. They have tours that run like 1 and 1/2 hr, 2 1/2 hr, or 4 hours.

    You may even consider paying for one of those horse rides through town. I think they run like $60 bucks an hour.

    Oftentimes, your hotel lobby has little brochures of various touristy acitivites, including all the ones that you mentioned.

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    Personally I would recommend seeing the Biodome/Insectarium/Jardin Botanique as they normally offer a package for all three, with tour carts to move you from one to the other.

    The Oratoire St-Joseph is a must see, and the Old Montreal/Port area has a very antic european ambiance, although in spring it does kinda look dusty and barren without the sun and trees.

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    With the warming weather, the best sight-seeing would be sunbathing at a terrace on St-Laurence/Prince-Arthur, looking at the young cuties showing their new summer clothes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Cock Sportif
    The Biodome is a must. The Casino also is a good way to kill time. Figure out a way to get up to the Mont Royal Observatory for a nice view of the city. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Canadian Centre for Architecture should also be on your list. No time for all that? Well, in that case head for the center of culture: Chez Paree.
    The place that is reportedly most visited by tourists coming to Montreal is l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hankypanky
    If you were to recomment just three places to visitm which would you recommend to a visitor in terms of museums, aquariums, etc...
    Hi Hanky Panky,

    This is my top 3. When I am with visitors from outside the country or the province (...or the City), this is where I go with them:

    1.) Rue ST-Denis and Rue Mont-Royal: this is the heart of Montreal and specially of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Just take a slow walk and enjoy the sun.... and the Cafés -terrasses. This is one of the places where you can feel the pulse of Montreal. Restaurants on St-Denis and Mt-Royal are among the best in Montreal: true gastronomy. And beyond all that, this is where you will find the most beautiful women in Montreal. You will end up speechless after one saturday afternoon on St-Denis. I guarantee you.

    2.) The Old Port and the "pistes cyclables" of Lachine Canal: just enjoy the place; put your sun glasses, dress like an Elvis (no...joke ), rent a bike or roller skates for 2 or 3 hours and go down the bicycle path. Amazing. Sometimes, during the nice summer day the place is quite jammed, but who cares! And, again, you will end up speechless...

    3.) A personal one: "The Botanical Garden". I just like it. It is simply beautiful. It is a real piece of art, specially the Chinese Garden.

    Forget the Casino, the Aquarium and Chez Parée. There is a better aquarium in Boston, better casinos in Vegas and better strip clubs in St-Hyacinthe...


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    The best sight seeing in Montreal is all those girls in mini-skirt...

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    you can just stay indoors and see girls without any clothes on.
    I have to agree that haningout at the corner of St.Laraurant and Price Arthur is pretty good.. or on St.Denis between Ontario and Maisonneuve

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    My favourite Montréal walks:

    From Mont-Royal (see Elvis' post), walk down Saint-Denis till Sherbrooke street, then turn West till Saint-Laurent, and then back up Saint-Laurent till Mont-Royal. Thus you will sample two facets of Montréal: Saint-Denis was our hip street in the 1970's, when the baby-boomers were still drinking beer and before they moved to the suburbs. It's now a destination for our 450- brethen when they get bored of their shopping malls (sorry, couldn't resist ). Saint-Laurent was rejuvenated in the 1990s, with the help of Daniel Langlois' Ex-Centris movie theatre, Hell's Angels drug-money-laundering restaurants, and some public funds (Gilbert Rozon's Musée Juste pour Rire).

    My other favourite walk is from Mont-Royal up to the Observatory (see LCS' post) on the top of Mount-Royal. From Jeanne-Mance park, weave your way through the woods up the mountain-side. The best time for this is on a Sunday afternoon, when Montreal's bio-equitable-antiglobalization Sandalista crowd gets to play percussion in Jeanne-Mance park. For our US friends out there, think of Washington Square in NYC.

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    If only I knew...

    Entertainment rebate booklets

    No need for them!

    Try this:

    Same stuff, electronic way and free!

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