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Thread: text spam for MontrealAsianEscorts

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    text spam for MontrealAsianEscorts

    Someone had the brilliant idea to send me some very explicit text spam for MontrealAsianEscorts in the middle of the day.
    They got my number because I must have called them weeks ago.
    How clever! Good thing there was no wife nearby to ask me what that text was.

    So if you were thinking of calling MontrealAsianEscorts, you'll have to invest in a secondary secret phone.
    Or, even simpler, don't call them.

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    Spamming demonstrates a serious lack of respect for customers. I would never call such a untrustworthy company knowing that.

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    Business must be down for them to do somthing like that.

    I thought this is suppose to be a discreet hobby.
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    Thumbs down Client database

    They are really keeping records for a long time. I last used one of these agencies in the summer of `09 and was spammed as well. This must STOP.
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    I, too, received the txt from (appears to be different agency than the .com one). Forwarded it to my provider indicating it as spam. I recommend you all do the same. Each provider offers a free txt number to forward your spam to so they can reimburse you. I'm hoping that they take further action, either by blocking the number from my account and/or lodging a complaint with the originating service provider... since when I do so I generally stop receiving them for at least a while.

    I, also, have not seen one of these agencies since the end of 2009.

    Ironically I was considering calling one of the increasing number of asian agencies advertising here last week... needless to say I'm now quite worried about doing so...
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    Received the same text. I visited MAE more than 6 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rimshot View Post
    Received the same text. I visited MAE more than 6 years ago.
    this agency wasn't around 6 years ago they are new

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    I'll just do a Ckarke Kent and call them from a pay phone so that I can continue to hide my secret identity. lol

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    Come to think of it, it wasnt 6 years ago, but at least 3.

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    I recieved a text a few days ago as well. Not very professional and complete lack of respect for their customers

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    THey are not the only asian place to spam, one day I text an asian massage place for information, from this moment they sent me a text every 2weeks...
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  12. #12 aka is off my list forever. they are based in toronto and previous partner of MAPE and MAE88

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    These crooks are STILL spamming my phone.
    Do not call them, you'll regret it.

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    Not sure to understand your points guys... but oh well i guess its because for lots of you this is some batman double life you do... HAHA, the joy of being open to my friends and all...

    I would actually like that they text me(the agencies) offering promos, mentioning new girls, i dunno, stuff like that... Also my cell is my cell, not like somebody use it anyway beside me. I always do my business by text(i prefer that, clearer, easier, im still kinda shy when talking to, especially if i got to mention acronyme) and some bookers not being french quebecois also are hard to understand(i once try an asian agency, and i was always asking the lady to repeat and didn't understand 3/4 of what she was saying..., she had also one of those cheap blue tooth thing and the song was awfull... she eventually hang up on me, must have been thinking it was a prank...) Im also way better with english in text form than vocals... i still have LOTS of trouble with british accents for exemple...

    In my first day in this hobby, i had the independant called me to give me the room number, it was her way of proceeding, letting the client know the room just last min maybe to avoid some stuff i dunno. I was in the shower and my roomate answered(it was a house fun) , when i got out of the shower he tell me that she called and i have to call back... i would had rather prefer he took the room number and the message, but well i can understand why HER, she didn't felt like saying this to him. But its funny she asked to speak to "Mike" so my friend knew immediately it was her, as i told him if someone called asking for Mike, its her.
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