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Thread: GOF/Devilish service policy

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    Question GOF/Devilish service policy

    I had my own quite recent very bad experience with GOF ( ). Today, I replied in a thread where a member had a very similar experience ( ). According to what I read in last months, those don`t seem to be exceptions. Are they?...

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    This is very disappointing. GOF/Devilish was my #2 agency just after Eleganza. They were the first I ever used after joining this forum in 2007. I found the bookers personable and helpful when making my bookings. They seemed to enjoy what they do. I would have guessed that you could except any girl in the GOF car that night and manage to have a good time.

    I'll never forget the time I missed a transcontinental flt from Europe back to the USA. I was forced to take a later flight with a lay over in Montreal. It was late and I called GOF a few times. None of the girls I wanted to see were avialble at GOF so I called a few other agencies. This was the same case with the other agencies I called. I called back GOF and Kelly was still in the car. I was worried that she was the border line girl that no one wanted. I reluctantly asked GOF to send her over. She proceeded to rock my world.

    I hope they reach out to you and make it up to you. This is difficult to do if you live outside of Montreal and are not making frequent trips there. My hobby nights are precious few and I want to use an agency with the highest batting average possible so I will stay tuned in to this thread to see what happens.

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    In that period ( 2008 ), one of or my best has been Stacy. Great memories of her kisses, her attitude and her willingness to please...

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    I've had 2 poor experiences with this agency. The girls , on both occasions showed up late , and were run down and tired . They made there best effort but their heart wasn't really into their work.

    I've swithched to using MP's so that I don't have to wait around in a hotel room hoping someone will show up that isn't intoxicated and falling asleep .

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    Interesting thread. I was just telling my buddy that I couldn't believe that the last time I visited Montreal I didn't even check the GOF or Devilish website to see who was available. I remember a time when I would use them exclusively.

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    Bookers sound friendly but make crap recommendations and are very disorganized. Once, the escort was late by over an hour and the booker had no idea where the driver was. GOF's only redeeming factor is that for some very very bizarre reason, Tara who IMHO is Montreal's hottest escort is still working with them. With any well-run agency, she would be a superstar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donbusch View Post
    Bookers sound friendly but make crap recommendations and are very disorganized. Once, the escort was late by over an hour and the booker had no idea where the driver was. GOF's only redeeming factor is that for some very very bizarre reason, Tara who IMHO is Montreal's hottest escort is still working with them. With any well-run agency, she would be a superstar.
    I find it sad for Tara. She has good reviews and sure is a beautiful woman. She was on my TDL but...

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    WTF is going on? Have they become a rogue agency?

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    Not necessarily.

    I think it has to do with the fact that they use a wide range of different bookers, many of them rookies and not all of them read the boards so they think they can get away with the same stuff they load on other non-board clients.

    I am pretty sure that booker who used to call himself "Chris" left quite a while ago ... (I haven't talked to him in ages) though they still keep the name in ads (and may have in fact given the name to another booker).

    Their recruiting, which used to be terrific has also dropped off.

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    Weird how the new website for Devilish/GOF was suppose to be the start of a new beginning but looks like it had the opposite effect.

    I have not dealt with them recently but the last time I called maybe like before the start of summer they had a girl doing the bookings.

    Never got her name but I always knew what I wanted so booking with her was easy.
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    Devilish/GOF once vied to be the top agency in MTL.

    According to recent reviews, their SPs don't know the meaning of GFE.

    Devilish lists Candy and Cassidy as available tonight. Both are listed as having D's. Do I believe them or my lying eyes? Seriously, I am sure some of us mongers have larger boobs than those two.

    It seems weird to me that they provide descriptions which are so obviously inconsistent with their pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon_vlad View Post
    Devilish/GOF once vied to be the top agency in MTL.
    , I am sure some of us mongers have larger boobs than those two.
    Well you are right anon_vlad ,Cassidy doesn't have D's ,I have known her since her days at Fantasm agency ,however she is very cute and had one of the tightest pussies and always smelled good and tasted good .



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    If Candy's pictures are accurate, she is certainly an exceptionally beautiful woman. I am sure that you are right about Cassidy also. I wasn't my intention to disparage either of them, but simply draw attention to the inaccurate descriptions.

    Looking at Jenny's two posted pictures. Either they were taken at different times of her life or there was some serious Photoshopping done. In the bottom one, she appears to be far more slender than the first.

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    When i joined in 2009 they where the biggest agency, or one of them at least. I remember XXXtase was big, Eleganza as well, satin dreamz and mtl sex city controlled the day shifts, and there was some good little agencies. That was before goodgirls, mtl gfe, and many others that exist now. Even Angel Escorts didn't exist back then.

    They had among the best pictures, they had lots of well reviewed girl (some very bad reviewed too tough) but there was a couple things i didn't like, first you could not pre-book a day in advance or anything, schedule would be posted very late(at least to me) like 4-5 pm... and it was first come first serve. I remember once a booker told me pict 4 girls on gof, 4 girls on devilish, and we will keep one of them first your meeting as more likely than not one of them will work that night... lol, not really my idea of pre-booking. Another thing was the no service listed policy, had to really check reviews. Woman of Passion, Satin Dreamz(back then at least) had a very clear and detailed list of services, and later Angel Escorts started with the same concept. And finally, they would often be very late in the bookings... my guest would be they would book the guys one after the other and do not take the 10 mins late time slot of the first clients into consideration or whatever. Or they simply had too much girls for too less drivers, i dunno, i waited once for almost 2 hours to see the SP... and i was very DOWNTOWN. I wouldn't be surprise the client just called to extend and they bumped me.

    I remember that particular booking, it was with Chloe Milan, damn she was fine tough, when she finally arrived i was extremely happy, and she gave me an awesome time, but i had originally called them around 4 when they posted the schedule or something, i asked if there was any spot left, they mention to me 11 pm or 1 am. I say 11 will be fine, i jump on the city bus to the terminus, take the MTL bus and arrive in MTL around ... can't remember 7 or 8... I was supose to come on sunday for the metalica show but i decided hey i want Chloe, ill spend one more day in MTL. So i waited, waited... she finally arrived around 12:45 or something like that. Thanks god i didn't took the 1 am booking...

    I must have called the booker like 8 times with my hotel phone ... alwys giving me the "in 15 mins she sould be there" ... I would had been so disapointed and so piss would i had wasted my night(no replacement could had been found that late) . At one point i started to play PS2 (that i brough on that trip) in my hotel room... lol

    Anyway i really got carried away ... :/

    In any case they had problems back then, but the choices when it came to night booking was not like it is today, so we rolled with it. Nowadays so many great options, so many better services... Instead of improving there game, it seem GOF/Dev has just keep the same problems but there roster even declined... they lost some of these very hot girls from years ago, never got any superstar since then... and as these threads seem to point out, they hired some very bad ones as well.

    In any case to me its a mystery they are still in business. They never improved there services listing, they kept the same formula of nigh booking only (never offered much early bookings like 5-6 pm), they don't much reviews these days and when they do, its not only positive... Anyway... If they where once at the top, they are maybe among the lesser merb agency listers now...
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    PS: Reverdy has just announced that Candy of Devilish has become Nikki of SatinDreamz. Poor girl, she went from a D to a B overnight.

    Guess which agency I trust more?

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