In this life everyone is out for themselves. In general, people take too much for themselves and don't devote themselves enough to the common good. Therefore, I would like to meet the lady with the biggest heart.

So ... here is what I am suggesting:

Winning bidder will make a contribution to an agreed upon charity. I will match this contribution times 2 up to a maximum of $3000 US. So, for example, if the lady chooses to donate $1000 then I will donate $2000. My preferred charity is Mercy Corps as I have given to them before and they are an A+ rated charity but any other reputable charity is just fine with me.

I will meet with the highest bidding lady over the Memorial Day weekend to make the donations over the internet. I will include dinner at a high class restaurant. Beyond that, the adult interaction will be discretionary ... I will not pay for it as I want the winning bidder to be motivated primarily by a sense of charity as opposed to the profit motive of a potential encounter with me.

Let the bidding begin.

Also, if you do not happen to be the highest bid then I urge you to still consider giving anyway ... at the very least it will make you feel better about yourself.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.