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Thread: Bbbj's and STD's

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    `s and STD`s

    I`m new to the hobby. I`ve actually only seen 2 sp`s and got `s from both. If you estimate the amount of bj!s these girls give in a year it is likely they have contacted some std. Is anyone ever concerned about this or am I the only one?

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    You may be new to the hobby but you have been on MERB since October. By now you should realize that we have a Health Info forum where such questions belong. You should also take the time to read through that section to see if your question has ever come up before, which it has on a number of occasions. There is no reason to start a new thread on the subject when the information is readily available to you.

    And as usual, no information in the Health Info section should be taken as fact, it is simply member opinions. The best thing to do is contact your medical professional for any health related questions.

    Thread moved to proper section and closed.

    There is also a thread about it in this section;

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