View Poll Results: Which Agency served you best in 2012?

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  • Angel Escorts

    2 1.23%
  • Devilish/Girls on Fire

    2 1.23%
  • Eleganza

    11 6.79%
  • Nadya's VIPs

    7 4.32%
  • GoodGirls

    21 12.96%
  • XXXtase/Delight Escorts

    46 28.40%

    22 13.58%
  • Montreal Sex City

    38 23.46%
  • Satin Dreamz

    1 0.62%
  • Asservissante

    12 7.41%
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Thread: AGENCY of THE YEAR: 2012

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    AGENCY of THE YEAR: 2012

    It is a tradition on MERB to have an official poll for Agency of the Year and I don`t think we should skip that tradition this year. So here it is:

    **First, please vote for your GFE candidates of the year 2012 here, if you haven`t already done so:

    There can only be 10 options in MERB polls, so I took it upon myself to choose the top 10 agencies, judging by seniority & frequency of reviews. All these agencies are reputable and have overall, positive track records. Feel free to post any write-in votes below for an agency not listed in the official poll.

    Each member has 1 vote to choose the agency they thought served them best in 2012, so vote now!

    Take into consideration: websites, contactability, honesty and friendliness of bookers, accurate descriptions/advertised services/pictures, punctual arrivals/honoured prebooking appointments, general customer service pre & post appointments, overall satisfaction with girls etc.

    Please note:

    1. You may post a write in vote for any agency that is not listed in the poll

    2. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 31st, 2012 or any date before, are eligible to vote in this poll. Also to be eligible, a member must have posted at least one review sometime in their posting history.

    3. You may post any honourable mentions, or 2nd, 3rd places below, but you only have one official vote in the poll.

    4. Make sure that you used this agency in the year 2012, not in a year prior.

    ** Take note that this poll will close on February 5th, 11:30PM EST, whereby a winner of Agency of the Year 2012 will be declared

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    In addition to voting for Agency of the year 2012, this is a good opportunity to let agencies know what is important to you. They will all be checking this thread out, so let them know how they can earn your business and also how they can keep you a loyal repeat client.

    What do you care about and appreciate in an escort agency? How do they become the best and get your business/vote in 2013? Here is your opportunity to have your voice heard.

    I also ask that we do not bash anyone and we keep constructive and respectful in our posts. All comments can't be 100% positive, but this is more a thread to celebrate the best agencies in Montreal, not to stick it to anyone.
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    I think communication should be something Agency's should not take lightly. Letting customer know about cancellation and lateness. Replying to either PM's and text. If you don't wish to address those mediums than don't advertise texting services... In this day and age text and PM booking should be efficient... last thing i want is to talk to a Booker while at the office ;-)

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    I wish I could vote for at least two agencies, but be that as it is, I have had good service from both XXXTase/Delight and MTLGFE. I used two other agencies, but things didn't work out that well.
    Thanks for starting this thread, MA.
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    I vote for Montreal Sex City.

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    Me too: MSC! Jessy is out of this world. And the ladies are wonderful. I can't think of any criterion for which MSC would score less than excellent. And, last but not least, the price is right! Keep up the great work, Jessy and the super ladies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManApart View Post
    What do you care about and appreciate in an escort agency? How do they become the best and get your business/vote in 2013.
    Here is my list!

    Website -- agencies must have a website for me to take them seriously!
    • Photos that were taken recently, and aren't some odd/"artistic" angle, or too small to see what's going on, or heavily photoshopped, etc. Also, don't watermark the photo or put the agency's name on top in such a way that completely obscures the picture.
    • Accurate age/height/weight -- also don't tell me she's new if I've seen her around for over a month.
    • Not some flash monstrosity that I can't navigate. Use simple HTML and organize the profiles so I don't have to click to get important information.

    • Let me ask questions about availability or otherwise over merb-mail if I want. Don't tell me to call. If I wanted to call, I'd call (basically what Mtlguy78 said)
    • My most frequently used agency lets me book over merb-mail... if only everything was so easy.

    • Limit the amount of sessions per day of a provider. This has happened to me twice -- I end up with a girl at the end of her shift and she's tired, etc, etc. Well I hate to say this, but the last client pays as much as the first client. If you are too tired, then cancel rather than take the money and half-ass your way through the session.
    • This is a YMMV hobby by nature, we all must accept this. But there are some quantifiable metrics -- namely time, and SOG(s). Also, don't advertise inaccurate acronyms. Don't come late and end it early. If a provider has to shower before she leaves, it shouldn't come out of the session.
    • Providers who aren't serious should be dropped, but also clients who aren't nice shouldn't be booked with.
    • Seeing new girls on the page constantly keeps me interested.

    That's all I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtlguy78 View Post
    last thing i want is to talk to a Booker while at the office ;-)
    THIS! Or, really, anywhere in public.

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    Had I a second vote, it would have gone to MSC. While I only called her a few times in 2012, her service is second to none. Given the current strength of her roster, she's likely to hear a lot more from me in 2013.
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    Sorry but I'm splitting my vote between MSC and MTLGFE so they each get a half vote. In general, I prefer to hobby after 10:00 P.M. due to privacy issues as I live in a residential neighborhood. In the winter, no big deal, everyone is indoors so MSC gets a lot of my business. However, in the summertime, having lovely ladies approach my door can cause issues with my neighbours, hence visits later at night when there are fewer people on the streets and in the park across from where I live. If MSC had later hours they'd have my full vote but we are really spltting hairs here, they are the 2 finest outfits in the city.

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    MSC, but Montreal GFE ia a close second. XXXtase/Delight has a great roster, but the schedule often is not available until later in the day and prebooking is nearly impossible. IMHO, MSC wins because:
    • Jessy has a great and diverse roster.
    • Website provides easy access to reviews and has accurate schedules and easy prebooking via phone or email.
    • Website clearly states the services provided by each lady.
    • Good on-time-arrival record and a call if there will be a late arrival.
    • Jessy's sexy voice and personable demeanor are second to none.

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    Tough decision. "Which agency served you best". Only one agency comes to mind, Eleganza by far has provided the newest and freshest talent year after year. I will say this though, 2012 was by far the worst year for hobbying in Montreal.

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    Jessy's roster is simply incredible! From nymphettes, spinners, lolitas up to MILFs! Different nationalities and colors too. I'm loyal to this agency for the last 5 years at last. They always deliver on time. I had a bad experience in 2012 and it was not with MSC.
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    Okay MA.

    1. Angel Escorts - Easy to reach, extremely accessible, friendly and flexible, reliable pre-booking, on time delivery, flexible hours and days,and I've met some of the most exciting ladies ever through them. I'd actually rate them a tie with MSC, except that I have had more recent and numerous experiences with this agency.

    2. Montreal Sex City - I appreciate directness and honesty. Jessy never tries to up-sell anyone. She tells me what I can expect based on what my tastes are and I get to make an informed choice. The agency is extremely well run and reliable in all ways. Jessy is also probably the best all-time owner I've known of up to now.

    3. Montreal Xxxtase - This is a long time favorite. Again, direct and honest, and no hard sell which is a big turn off for me. The handlers are always very patient and informative. They follow through on arrangements, plus their delivery is typically timely, and their lineup is always one of the best.



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    My top three agencies of 2012 were...

    1. Montreal Sex City
    2. Satin Dreamz
    3. MTLGFE/ Chloe's Playground/ Candyshop

    For me it was very close between MSC and SD. Both Jessy and Peter were very easy to deal with, were professional and courteous, provided on time service and communicated with me promptly if there was going to be any delay or cancellation. MTLGFE lost some points for not contacting me on one occassion when an SP was over 45 minutes late. In the end I voted for Jessy and MSC, based largely on what I thought was a slightly better roster, and the fact that her girls really seemed to like working for her agency, which I think helps an SP enjoy what they are doing and provides for better service/ attitude for the client.

    P.S. Thanks to ManApart for taking the time and effort to put the best GFE and Agency polls together

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