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Thread: Is it safe to take a shower at SP?

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    Is it safe to take a shower at SP?

    Hi gentlemen,

    I have no experience in seeing SPs, so before my first time health questions are raised in my mind.
    When it comes to shower, do SPs have a set of fresh towels or there is just one reusable?

    Another question: can I refuse taking shower at SP assuming I had shower 1 hour before coming and/or assuming I donít claim , just condom protected vaginal intercourse?

    Sorry for possibly strange questions and thank you anyway!

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    First have an eye on your wallet/money unless you have good reason to trust the SP. If you never met the SP or the agency, it's good to bring a small travel bag with your own towel, soap, shampoo, gargle. Generally the SP will appreciate you are a clean guy. If it is obvious you just got out of the shower, take at least the time to refresh yourself. If the SP insist you take a full shower, just comply. So many guys are not so clean. They pretend they took a shower home before leaving... but they left a long time ago.

    Cleanlyness is the first step to get a nice service. If the SP doesn't mind about you being clean, what his her concern toward her own safety. Being clean is fun and safe for both part.
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    That's a great idea of bringing your own supplies to freshen up.

    Especially if you are not the SPs first client fresh towels might all be used up.

    I agree that even if you shower before hand and the SP still insist just comply as to make the encounter go more smoothly...
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    Ok, how many times you see an escort go to the sink , wet the towel a bit, and wash her snatch just after you to get it ready for the next 17th guy of the day?

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    Look behind you.
    And how many times to you see a SP just get dressed after an encounter

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    Thank you guys for the answers.
    A travel bag seems to be a good solution.

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