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Thread: I hit the jackpot, now what?

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    I hit the jackpot, now what?

    A girl (dancer), which I have been socializing with, has expressed an interest in going for an erotic massage together, culminating in some 3 way fun. My problem now is, where do I take her, should I just get an incall provider, and who could I get that would be enthusiastic about participating? Any help would be appreciated, and, of course, I'd share the details later. Just for your information, we are in the 45-55 demographic. Don't bother recommending anyone too expensive, I'm on a tight budget.


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    Get a good sp outcall that is known to be good with couples. I read that Molly from MTLGFE is great for that (and for everything else for that matter, check out her review thread). Ask Jessy at MTl Sex city she's super cool and will recommend a good girl for you, depending on what you want. These options are reasonably priced (around 180$ for an hour).

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    Fantasy events on a tight budget do not work out very often. One ingredient is that the masseuse must be into female fun.

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    But the best fantasies occur for free!

    It will be a bit of work, anyone want to buy a kidney? I will make it happen. I will also be calling some MPs that I know of and keep my fingers crossed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortDickMan View Post

    It will be a bit of work, anyone want to buy a kidney?
    It's quotes like these that make me come to the lounge! Forums are hilarious.

    SDM, if this is a one-off you might as well splurge...

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